I could search my whole life through and through and never find another you...

i love you lily! i have always love you and always will!

(by unknown on 18/07/2012)

I love u more than my words can say more than my eyes can show and more then my heart beat a day...

(by lily on 17/07/2012)

You light my whole heart up and i love all the ways you make me feel loved and every time i'm with you i feel loved.

(by unknown on 16/07/2012)

I can't express in words the love i feel for u right now...

for the first time in my life i loved like this baby!

(by sandy on 15/07/2012)

I'll always be here for you no matter what...

when you need someone just to listen i'll have my ears ready always and forever

(by unknown on 14/07/2012)

I really love you soo much that,you will be fade up with my love

(by biswash shakya on 13/07/2012)

I could dance with you on clouds of silvery white. but still the words rush not to my pen, not a romantic word in sight. your love is so wonderful and rare

(by rain on 12/07/2012)

Anyone can catch your eye,but it takes someone special to catch your're my special someone...

(by unknown on 11/07/2012)

I will watch you and take care of you as you dream, and in your ear i will whisper the words "i love you"

(by maria on 10/07/2012)

We know each others verve and vulnerabilities

and how to make each other happy

we even think alike in a lot of ways..

so let's celebrate this relationship with a ring?

(by martin on 09/07/2012)

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