Hny love is like gold as u do better it gone well pliz ok so show me the mining of love.

(by charles onyimbo on 28/03/2012)

C.l.i.c.k. means :

c= cant live without u

l= love u

i= i miss u

c= care about u

k= kiss from my heart 2 u

so whenever u miss me just say click.

(by chand on 27/03/2012)

I lve nd mic u so much dat all my dreams hav ur perfct face in it

(by tumza on 26/03/2012)

I wish dreame were like wishes, and wishes came true,cause in my dreams i'm always with u

(by prakash on 25/03/2012)

Love is a great mirror wc will reflect what you are in a relationship,so dnt be seen with a bad image .

(by humphrey thussaj muchenje on 24/03/2012)

Luv all day,crazi 4 u evr moment,tinking of $pecial person lik u i dnt tinkin i wil regret in it,luv u much and more.

(by dee jay spy d on 23/03/2012)

I luv u an i wsh i was wth u now

(by sherpad mujuru on 22/03/2012)

My hands never pain when typin message for u...! but my heart is always in pain when there is no reply from u omowunmie

(by dawale on 21/03/2012)

I realy lv u my babe let dem know say im your husband frm heaven pls let's dem know

(by ola on 20/03/2012)

If love is a sin for anyone who is in love,i we keep commiting you

(by alasadevictor on 19/03/2012)

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