Dating Etiquette - An overview of Dating

What do you understand by the word dating?

Many people claim that they are dating but they don't actually know what it should be all about. Dating is a period whereby two people begin getting to know about each other. The dating stage is not yet declared a complete relationship. In simple language, it is when two people who are attracted to each other get to know each other. Once you mess up this stage, you have no guarantee of recovering your future plans of being in a relationship with the person. Dating etiquette is required to help you make it through with the person you think you love.

Should I wait for him to say 'I love you' first?

If the thought of letting him know your feelings towards him is a bit new, it is better if you waited a little longer. This way, you will be able to discern the motives of the guy in dating you. Most 'players' will avoid using the phrase 'I love you' hence waiting longer will make it easier for you to know whether he is the right guy for you. At times, the guy may be shy hence best for you to open up. However, before opening up, you should have waited a little longer and known him enough.

In case you have felt this for months, it is your duty to try and move things to the next level. Most women fear exposing their feelings towards guys because they are afraid they might be considered 'loose'. Getting your feelings known to the person and dealing with them there and then in a mature way makes the dating stage grow. On the other hand, you can find out his feelings in a polite manner. Ask the question in an indirect way so that you can have a rough idea of the situation. Some guys are known to date based on no commitment. It is very important if you found out his true motives of knowing you.

Can I date two men at the same time?

This is a dilemma that many women face. It is quite confusing to date two men at a go though it depends with the situation at hand. Dating two guys at a time can result in a disastrous rebound. You might end up loosing on both ends. Double dealing is a risky shot to take hence date only one man to be on the safe side. But if you can pull it off, why not? Give it a try but make sure that you are always safe.

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kenneth and mary sent this on 27/05/2012, 20:11

Hello thanks 4 ur love msg, pls guys love ur GF with uncondictional love, like jesus christ love every one on earth from me and my wife

Bisola Ayodele sent this on 29/12/2011, 17:29

I luv dis article it awesome pls kip it up

Benkai sent this on 18/12/2011, 16:30

Sex during the dating period is not cool if a lasting relationship is being pursued.

Odindo sent this on 22/11/2011, 09:24

Talking i can talk,but i can not say all that i feel,action i can act but through my action i can not show all that i feel. But how i wish that my heart could talk and act so that it can say all and show all that i feel within it.

clement sent this on 13/06/2011, 14:26

Well,understand that feelings come and go but realities remain,therefore,sex is not a measure of love even though people in love should have sex.several other factors need to be considered.

ollyman sent this on 03/04/2011, 03:08

1,it's risky to date two guys at a time

2, it's not healthy. If u wanna be a bitch be a bitch, You cannot pretend o be a saint, while u r a bitch. lol.

Omotosho sent this on 02/04/2011, 17:25

I rlly luv dis article..keep it up

mjeda sent this on 02/04/2011, 13:40

1,luv stink,wife + g,frnd=headache

2,children=house hell

3,teenage girls=24hrs u look after them other wise they gona bring there boyfrnd inside the house,not only house but until fathers bedroom and have some............

basit sent this on 02/04/2011, 03:23

No love does not comfirm love

Acheampong sent this on 01/04/2011, 20:20

Please, can you advice the ladies more because sometimes they prolong our request too much