I neva knew dat u ar such a wicked person .dat u could cme 2 my room ,find me at sleep nd still my heart .y my 1 nd only luv chantelle.luv always.

(by maxwell mensah on 27/06/2012)

Love gives us the most wonderful moment

a life without love is .....................

(by amal on 26/06/2012)

When i look at you, u r like an angel

(by jacksonjob mutuba on 25/06/2012)

Love is the key of life, it depends on lover and very hard to find.

(by iso on 24/06/2012)

True love always cum back

(by harinesh on 23/06/2012)

Dere are million stars and million dreams u are d only stay 4 me,d only dream i dreamed, luv u

(by tolani on 22/06/2012)

If luv was a bomb i will die 4u,if luv was 2b a poison, i will drink 4u. luv u always.

(by philemon on 21/06/2012)

I wil love u wit all my life

(by jibola on 20/06/2012)

I love u a lot.....

i care about u a lot.....

but if u dnt lyk it,then i'll just keep it in my heart.....

(by chweet.chitti on 19/06/2012)

At the touch of love every one become poet.

love is a grt miror whch wil reflt wht u r.

(by balbir bhagwat on 18/06/2012)

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