Seeing u is the most important thing in my life

(by thembi on 17/01/2017)

Hello angel i know you are now preaching the goodness i pray for the holy spirit guide you true i love happy day in the field

(by nina on 16/01/2017)

Can you take me away and never let me go back?can you hold me in your arms and promise everything will be ok?can you kiss my lips and and make my problems disappear?can you love me as much as i love you?

(by ukmatowu on 15/01/2017)

My love i want you to know this, i love beyond words the no word that can explain how i feel about you my heart belongs to you time can change a lot of things but can never change how i feel about you today and alway. my heart belongs to you.

(by vusi on 23/02/2016)

I want to see u every second... i want u here by my side.

i am happy we meet and i hope we will grow more together and one day get married i love you forever..

(by fredrickessuman on 21/02/2016)

Time may change a lot

of things in our lives,

but one thing it can never change

is the way i feel about you.

today and always,

my heart belongs to you.

(by mavis on 05/02/2013)

Glenda, i love you beyond words. i wish you could understand. i have been in so much pain since we split and i miss you and think about you all the time. jamie.

(by jamie on 04/02/2013)

Meeting u seemed like any other.becoming your friend was a blessing,but being your lover is like a dream filled with endless joys and laughter!ha ha ha ha ha...i will never stop this!!!

(by ntesy on 03/02/2013)

Love till it hurts n when it hurts, luv some more. and when it hurts some more, luv even more n when it hurts even more, luv till it hurts no more.

(by alex on 19/12/2012)

Love is two hears beating as one.. happy x-mas day to you and your relatives!

there is no other as beautiful as you, and i learn more about you every other day..

(by jiwankumarsoren on 18/12/2012)

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