Baby i love you soo much... i can't stay without you... you are my life

(by yasyas on 07/08/2012)

You are the reason why i become stronger,but still you are my weakness!i love you for everything you are...

(by angel on 06/08/2012)

I want to make this feeling last

let me love you, let me hug you!

(by unknown on 05/08/2012)

Darling i love you so much, i feel so secure in your arms babe

(by marie on 04/08/2012)

I can already feel my heart retreating like a snail too its shell

babe i want to make this last

let me love you too

(by bob on 03/08/2012)

My day start with your name and my day stop with your name..

(by unknown on 02/08/2012)

You may not know how much i love u, but i am hundred per cent sure i adore you, my petite, i love you

(by marc on 01/08/2012)

God has provided me this life for you

promise me to live together,my life

i love you,do take a bit care

(by okulai on 31/07/2012)

You are an angel send by god for me.

(by kennytomas on 30/07/2012)

Hello beautiful knowing is greater than the ocean and the world is to small to hold my love for you.

i love you very much

(by jackielil on 29/07/2012)

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