Because i love you my nights are no longer dark...

(by unkown on 28/11/2012)

Even if a day should go by when i don't say, 'i love you,' may there never be a moment that goes by without you knowing that i do..

(by jess on 27/11/2012)

The greatest distance in this world for two people is not living and death.

(by vanissa on 26/11/2012)

I don't want you to know, so i try to be strong. i don't want you to think that without you, i can't go on. but that's how it is, and that's how it will be, because, baby, i love you, i need you

(by marc on 24/11/2012)

Why are the words goodbye, i'm sorry, and i love you so easily pronounced, but so hard to say?

(by tess on 23/11/2012)

If i counted all of the ways that i love you, i would be counting forever.

(by unknown on 22/11/2012)

Never ask why i love you, just accept that i do, and that i will for the rest of my life.

(by marie on 21/11/2012)

I want you to know how much i love you, but the words escape me. no matter what, i'll always love you

(by murao on 20/11/2012)

Loving you is one of the greatest wonders of the universe..... i may never be able to find the most authentic words to express my sincere love for you

(by manila on 19/11/2012)

You just couldn't imagine life without me anymore, but you're so afraid i'll go away. baby, i'm not going anywhere. i love you so completely now

(by thelma on 18/11/2012)

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