At the first date how romantic you should be?

No matter if you think about the first romantic date with a new person or just the first date in your life, this special occasion is a very emotionally as well as intellectually challenging one and that because of the pressure of "first impression counts" wise and old, still actual, saying.

Yes, that's true, the first impression counts and this is what you should have in mind when preparing to go out for a first romantic date with your possible next love or who knows ?!... maybe the greatest love of your life.

When I talk about first impression I don't necessary mean the impression provoked by the way you look - it does count that, too, however it is not the most important aspect - but I am talking about the way your girlfriend will be left feeling about dating with you.

There is a famous and true saying, "People will not remember what you said. People will not remember what you did. But people will always remember how you made them feel." ( Maya Angelou ), which apply even for romantic dating situations.

But what does "romantic date" mean?

Well, it seems that there is not such thing as an universally valid definition for this concept, the meaning varies largely from person to person. Generally speaking, romance is an outward expression of someone's affection in a such creative yet old fashioned ways that would make the beneficiary emotionally overwhelmed by the passion displayed. We can say then that being romantic means expressing creatively your love for your mate.

Let's see now how can you make her leave with the feeling that the time spent with you was a great romantic date and that you're The One for her.

First, you should make a list of the "data" you already have about your girl and start planning your date taking in consideration that information.

For example, if you know about her she is kind of 'tough" girl who likes to watch and to do extreme sports and prefer to watch action movies instead of love stories, chances are that she appreciates more the "macho" type boy than an overly romantic one and in this case be wise and act consequently.

This does not mean you should behave like a totally anti-romantic "macho" during your romantic date, but rather that you should moderate your romantic gestures.

Neither appear with a bunch of red roses when meeting her, nor let her leave without any flower, better make your walking/driving itinerary beside a flower shop, stop there and invite her to choose her favorite flowers.

Also, this way you make sure won't pick the wrong flowers ( you might be surprised but there are a lot of girls who simply don't like roses despite of the romantic potential meaning they have, though they might never express that explicitly to you).

The next step is to choose carefully the place where to go and the type of activity you'll do. No matter what personality is your girl, for a first romantic date avoid the crowded places such as a cinema, theatres, museums, amusement parks and the like even if your date is the extrovert type and would normally prefer such places.

Why? Because you won't have the opportunity to talk about yourself and get to know each other better, a crucial condition for propelling and developing a lasting relationship.

Plus, you may risk to leave the girl having a feeling that you were afraid of spending time "face to face" with her and preferred instead to "hide" behind the crowd, she might even think you don't actually like her that much and she 's just an "adventure" for you.

Remember that this first romantic date is essential to convince her you're worthy of being her next boyfriend, it's not time to be cheap now , so pick up a nice restaurant and have dinner together . Don't forget to announce her in advance where you have in mind to go, that way she could dress properly for the event. Apart for spending a romantic evening (you might even invite her to dance if you're good at dancing), you'll have an excellent opportunity to find out more about each other preferences.

Another important thing to take in consideration for a romantic date is to leave room for mystery, too. Don't share with her every of your hobbies, dreams, thoughts and plans for future, you'll look like a nice guy but totally uninteresting, good to be "just friends", not her lover.

Girls love "magic", that would make them dream with open eyes and they'll go crazy for the guy who knows how to create that sensation.

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ben sent this on 17/08/2013, 14:07

Awesome article.. just awesome

mying sent this on 22/10/2012, 08:43

Many we Love.. But Chooses one....

Choose Wise..................

uhashini sent this on 09/07/2012, 11:39

Wow!!!!! awesome...

Paul edikan sent this on 15/01/2012, 06:34

Wow! Luv! Luv! Luv! Is good 2 be luv.

Ritesh bhandari(kannu9634616083) sent this on 29/12/2011, 21:24

If uer grl frnd/boyfrnd leaves u

then dont b sad

b happy

coz u had loose one who dont love u

bt he/she had lost one who really love him/her

abela sent this on 19/12/2011, 02:34

U can fall form the sky

u can fall form the bridge

but the best way of falling is falling in love...

juli sent this on 07/12/2011, 06:34

Love is interesting, whn u found the real love but it bitter whn u fall into d wrong one.

ahmed medo sent this on 02/12/2011, 09:55

You must read it and tell me your opinion

ilovejo sent this on 24/11/2011, 11:50

When you love someone you always think of him eventhou he is beside you

Agbo pius frequency sent this on 01/09/2011, 20:10

Love is good, love is bad, love is come and go, love is not sex, love is not all about sex

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