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Love can not be compared beautiful stars which cant be seen during day time love is there all the time

(by Jesca at 25/02/2009)

I never knew love like this till u(come to my life), u're d reason dat i was born, now i finally know 4 sure and i'm overwhelmed with happiness

(by olajide keji nathaniel at 18/12/2010)

What if tomorrow never comes,wuld you ever know how much i love u or wuld you choose to forget what we had and move on with some-one else?we've just crawled to the nearst love shop and we found each other,i love you and you love me so why shuld we let the stop signs in life stop us when they were never ment for are my life yesterday i was no-one but today i'm somebody at the end of the day i can honestly say...i'm truly in love with you.!!

(by tshiamo masilo at 30/04/2011)

Though im missing u,cos i fond that special gal nd u are my sister,my strenght and my bride and only god knws best that i luv u.

(by oyedele pablo at 14/05/2011)

Love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

(by Bicky at 25/10/2008)

Luv the heart that hurts you

but never hurt the heart that luvs you

bcoz for the world, you might be someone

but for the someone.. you are the world...

(by zameer at 29/04/2009)

Baby, HAPPI ANNIVERSARY..we've been through to a lot of experience.. challenges.. but still.. here we are celebrating our 2nd year and 7 months anniversary... I LOVE U SO MUCH BABY.. u gave meaning to my life.. thnx for all the time, love and care you gave to me.. Ure my life..MR. AUGUST I. GARCIA

(by Karen at 13/07/2008)

I love you with all my heart , you are my true love and u will be, until breath and life ends.

(by moham at 07/07/2011)

Baby I Love You So Much,You Know When I Open My Book Chemistry I See Your Face And Your Smile And Your Sweetest Word In My Book I Just Cry And My Eyes Full Tear,I Love You Baby And Forever...

(by blackTime at 01/11/2009)

I love u echayaaaaaa.ur my sweetest husband.mamma ummaaa.i will always b with u till d end of this life.i luv u d most in dis whole wide world.u mean everything to me.when ur der with me i feel i have sum1 who is 4ever mine only.i luv u unni etta.ummaa.

(by manju lejeesh at 26/10/2010)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

No one is too young for love, because love doesn't come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age.

(by monesse at 21/06/2011)

If ur heart is term a prison i prefer 2 be sentence life, cos life without ur luv is incomplete.

(by Mikefits at 11/10/2008)

Cherish the person you love, never tell lies or attempt to hurt because you won't know how important they are until they are out of your life.

(by francis ezenwa at 19/05/2010)

Neva lie, steal, cheat or drink. If u want 2 lie, don't lie in the arms of the one u love. If u want 2 steal, steal away from bad company. If u want to cheat, cheat death. If u want 2 drink, drink in the moments that take ur breath away! To my one & only!

(by Hamdan Banda at 27/07/2009)

I will always love u till the ends of time. dont doubt my love for it is exclusively reserve for u.

(by Jonathan at 10/05/2010)

Hi i love u so much. u r my entire world..........

i love u 4ever.....i care u 4ever.....because i love u more than me 4 ever

(by indika at 18/08/2010)

Don't regret what you have done but regret what you never do... Go out and say I LOVE U to your loved one

(by Kcee at 17/08/2008)

Love is like playing cards

(by pradip[badal] at 05/05/2011)

I missed you babe! there is someone who thinks just you all the time, and even writing this love sms i always thought about you and i in an island all alone! i love you baby!

(by jill at 07/10/2012)

Babies love milk, politicians power, students knowledge but to me u are the food and drink of ma heart!

(by ndawula mathias at 01/10/2010)

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