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1 day is like 1 second when am with u. my love to u can be compared to the eternity...

(by raphael piringu at 03/11/2010)

After so many years, I love you more today than the day I fell in love with you. The world could use more guys like you

(by sandra at 19/12/2009)

Ask these boys, they will say, you are nothing to these hot girls ... maybe i will say so that they are much sexierr than you ... but they are nothing to me what my heart needs they can neverr get one percent of what you got baby, that's my weakness ... i miss you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(by mr. monzii at 01/04/2011)

I just want you to be a part of my life, in whatever way it works.

You are an amazing girl and I want to give you the love that you deserve.Love you truly!!!

(by linda at 01/12/2008)

I love you endlessly, with you i can breathe, with you i can do anything, without you i can do nothing, and i only have three words to tell you: i love you! my eyes miss you, my feelings are of love, my hand needs you, my soul calls upon you, my hearts is just for you. i'd die without you, because i love you... i love you so much that i can't write in words how much i love you..i luv u mayowa.

(by prince abisola at 15/10/2011)

No matter how many times i will suffer,
No matter how many times i will fall down,
i will always love you...

(by daizy at 22/06/2009)

If i see you, I will put a ring on ur finger an keep u forever, I will glue it on.

ur in my head too.

(by mich at 20/10/2008)

I am a shell that carries this heart full of Love, and when i look into your eyes i realize, this heart was never really mines but something thats will always be yours...I Love You

(by LoveMonsta at 02/09/2009)

When u left i felt sick when i seeked medical advice my physician diagonised that all i lacked was vitamin you i need u 4ever

(by dennis nyt at 28/10/2009)

I don't know what i was but now i know what i am...i don't know what i am doing except loving is not at all predictable but one thing i can promise to this world and to you also that i will always love u no matter whatever be the condition..

(by brice at 27/05/2009)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

I could dance with you on clouds of silvery white. but still the words rush not to my pen, not a romantic word in sight. your love is so wonderful and rare

(by rain at 12/07/2012)

Love u u da chello...cnt b without u...pls b....pls....

(by eric dass at 05/10/2011)

You are the most important person in my life, i love you honey

(by Setson at 15/06/2009)

My darlin i am very sorry i did not make it the other time, i am sorry to disappoint you, please forgive me...

(by michael at 06/12/2011)

You are the girl of my dreams an the one i will love more everyday till the end of time. you are the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen, please love me back my dear!

(by jenss at 24/10/2012)

Babes,b4 u go 2 sleep don't 4get 2 say a prayer 2 the Lord above dat he will keep us near cos true luv is hard 2 find. So lets not waste no more tym , only GOD knows how much i really love you. To Nelisa Jojo

(by Papi at 29/04/2010)

Wishing u a very happy new year "2011" ... i'll love you more this year babe (if its possible :))

(by palak arora at 02/01/2011)

I luv u with all that i have....

(by matilda at 03/07/2010)

If love could have save you, You would have lived forever..

(by jhenrick0528 at 04/04/2009)

When love is still new,it is always sweeter than honey but as it grows old, the sweetness fades away

(by Amos kiplagat at 01/04/2009)

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