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Nothing is important than you, even the whole world, even my life.
Baby, I LOVE U

(by lady at 23/04/2010)

The first person who's on your mind

the moment you open your eyes after a long sleep

is the reason of

your happiness

(by marc at 24/01/2012)

A million love songs later

and here i am trying to tell you that i care

a million love songs later

and here i am

looking to the future now

this is what i see

a million chances pass me by

a million chances to hold you

take me back, take me back

to where i used to be

to hide away from all my truth

through the light i see

a million love songs later

and here i am trying to tell you that i care for u.

a million love songs later

and here i am for you…

(by doncasty at 10/09/2011)

Helo my love, i have been missing ur presence since u part away from me, the love i fell all day is beyond my emotional control can u come and hold me till am satisfied with u'r love

(by blessing festus at 29/11/2010)

Always remember i'm here waiting for you, and you are not alone. always. i love you with all my heart

(by hanush at 26/08/2011)

Nobody tells fishes to swim, birds to fly, cow to moo, dog to bark, they just do.. same as i just love you..

(by Chidi Mephors at 28/11/2009)

U'r d 1 i gv my life 2.u'r d 1 i gv my soul 2.u ar my 1 only.i miss evrytn'bt u.sending gudnite kisses...

(by Olasumbo at 14/09/2008)

I love you for you, but mostly i love you for what i am when i'm with you..

(by marryme at 02/12/2012)

Every body knows that there are 4 types of blood type bt now the new 5th blood type is introduced and which is called 'u' which stands for 'you my love'. i love u honey.

(by henok tilahun at 09/01/2011)

With luv everything becomes possible between u nd ur lover, u see everything clearly nd better. love is something that fills ur heart with joy nd gladness bcos it pays 2 love nd be loved.

(by jimmy at 27/05/2010)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

I prayed 2 God 4 a loving and caring wife, and He gave u 2 me, u're indeed a blessing and an answer 2 my prayer. I luv U.

(by stephen at 02/07/2010)

Pause and ponder. Think before you act. Be patient. Forgive n' forget. Love one and all.

(by sarah at 09/11/2009)

We don’t love because of trust, but we trust because we love.

(by everest at 19/09/2011)

Love: it's just like a bubble gum when it stick on your heart, it so hard to remove..

(by aishath at 25/05/2009)

Don't say ur not important,

this simply isn't true,

the fact that u were born,

the proof that god has a plan for u.

(by seibeen de-x at 14/08/2010)

The heart that love s 4ever young.

(by lebogang at 11/02/2012)

Dear jesus, i need you to rescue me because my heart is broken. please heal me and bring wholeness to my life. please forgive me of my sin and bring meaning and fulfillment into my life. i surrender my broken heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now. thank you.

(by kiptoo cheruiyot at 14/09/2011)

In this life we cannot do great things. we can only do small things with great love

(by teresa at 24/08/2010)

U ar d best thing dat have ever happened 2 me.i think of u every day but afraid of telling u.

(by Bravesoul at 01/11/2008)

When i hold your hand yesterday while you were laing on my lap, it was one of the amazing thing, i felt a spark..

(by giny at 02/03/2012)

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