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Love is not build, but it makes u blind.

(by mulu at 17/03/2011)

People say that love is in every corner... I must be walking in circles. :)

(by ali at 10/08/2009)

You re d love of my life clestus,dere is nultin i can do witout u by ma side,u tot me how 2 b strong,wit u i knw i wil b strong no 1 has eva touch me lyk d way u touch me,in a such a life time it just me nd i luv u more dan words cld xplain:'(

(by becknisa at 13/05/2011)

If i could have just one wish, i would wish to wake every day to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek...

(by unknown at 08/12/2010)

Love you so much and thanks alot cause you changed my life you make me smile everyday... thanks cause you always make me strong and be happy

(by alexandra at 20/07/2012)

In the darkest phase of my life you lifted the candle of love, and in your face and heart i see the routes that i should take.

(by oliver c.anyanwu at 08/04/2011)

Hiiiii neelam i love u. you are my life i can't be without you... please reaten come back into my life. i miss u jannu.

(by youdhvir at 13/08/2010)

Remember me when i am gone away,

gone far away into the silent land;

when you can no more hold me by the hand,

nor i half turn to go yet turning stay.

remember me when no more day by day

you tell me of our future that you plann'd:

only remember me; you understand

it will be late to counsel then or pray.

yet if you should forget me for a while

and afterwards remember, do not griev

(by mani tripathi at 05/02/2012)

Everyone wants to be the sun dat lights up your life. but i'd rather be ur moon, so i can shine on u during your darkest

(by shaf at 07/10/2011)

I can't stop blushing only when i realize how amazing you are, how caring and loving you are

(by kitty at 19/07/2012)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

It's easy to say i love you. but only "i do" says you're really one, for always.

(by macey at 10/11/2012)

If i said i care bout u,cherish u,hav feelinz4u nd love u ...

this four fantastic word cannot even define hw much u mean2me..

u rule my heart

(by major pinky at 07/05/2011)

The one, you know you’re my everything, I LOOOOOVE YOU so much

(by ahmedi at 02/02/2010)

True people are like diamond, so dear n rare, false people are like stones scattered everywhere.

(by Delux at 13/09/2008)

If only i could find the words to make your day bright, i could say thousands of times...

(by maria at 13/01/2012)

But with you, you scare me, with your beautiful blue eyes and your sweet boyish smile. i'm so scared that i will want to love you forever

(by marcus at 23/12/2011)

You were my happiness,my everything.i miss your smile, but more than that i miss my own..

i still love you..

(by marcel at 31/10/2010)

Hate but love more..

Argue but agree more..

Talk but listen more..

Punish but forgive more..

Then people will love u more than u love them..

(by sania at 15/12/2008)

I just realized my love is growing and growing all the time, I just can't stop!!

(by alomi at 27/10/2008)

I will never forget the first time i meet you babe.. i love you alot!!!

(by angela petrusevska at 12/12/2010)

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