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Going back with you may be hard, but going forward without you is impossible. i love you...

(by dennise at 28/11/2012)

Wanting to ignore everything that happening around you and just enjoy any and all free time with this other person, who just wants to share their lives with you. I had never done that before and it was the most romantic thing I think I will ever experience.

(by sarah at 30/04/2009)

I can close my eyes from the things that i don't want 2 see,i can close my ears from the things that i dont want 2 hear...but i can never be able to close my heart from loving you and feeling ua love.luv u babe.

(by mark muhindi at 03/07/2012)

Luv is as powerful as death,it drives a lot of people crazy even some had lost their life coz of it 4 this reasons i decided not to engage myself in luv affair with anybody till i met u.

(by demmy at 18/01/2009)

It is hard to talk when you're in love because when i look into your beautiful eyes, my breath is taken away.

(by Vinney at 01/09/2009)

If i would get a rose for every time i think of you, i would spend every day in a rose garden,thinking of you

(by gelvin chiyung at 26/05/2011)

First love your self before love others

if you love your elf the you well realize what the feeling of a better person.

(by sweetie at 25/08/2010)

Love is mystic
Love has no explanation
Love is love as long as you are loved in return.

(by sanite at 05/10/2009)

It tuk me to many days to explain how much i lve u but wel i gues is never easy to explain it but 1 hng i knw is dat i can shw u hw much i lve u nd i can c how much u lve me nd das all da matters nw

(by boitumelo at 25/03/2012)

Love is devastating. missing some one is devastating, let alone when they come together

(by wudassie at 07/09/2011)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

Baby i really love ilove u so much...da...i need u so much in every minute of my not able to get away from u with every seconds..

(by kun kun kun at 12/05/2011)

Don’t wait for the person who u can live ur life with, wait for the 1 that u cannot live without…

(by anna at 29/10/2008)

Baibe, being in love wid u iz really great and i am looking foward 2share some wonderful tym wid u!love u bbbiiig!

(by nganju at 26/07/2010)

A word, a smile, a loving phrase...

love is said in many ways.

i'll always say to you in every ways!!

(by jes at 19/09/2012)

Even though there's thousands of miles between us, we've got closer despite the distance and it's made me realize that i adore you!

(by marry at 05/03/2012)

I am praying for your peace and joy, and for you too to experience a change of heart. you are loved.

(by marx at 22/01/2012)

Everyday I thank God because He gave me you. He gave me an angel when I least expect it. I couldn't ask for more...

(by aysha at 17/12/2009)

Whatever i do, i do it 4 u.

i have no one, apophia, hear ma cry, dont let me down

i wil do to u whatever u want.

i dont care who u are, i dont care how u look like,i dont care.

i may mean nothing but, u are the one i think day and night

(by julius at 20/06/2010)

This is the greatest pain i ever encountered in my entire life that comes from someone you never comprise!!!

(by barney at 24/01/2010)

The most dangerous thing on earth is seeing the one you love loving someone else.i lack words to explain how much i love you.

(by teaser at 16/03/2011)

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