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Rain and sunshine do not always come together. Night and day never coincide. But you and i, whatever they say, is for me the perfect match.

When i dream, i dream of you.... may be one day, dreams will come true

(by tom at 05/09/2008)

Hey want u knw that ill alwaz lov u,need u so much u are everyting to me sometime we do hav some problems bt it doesn"t mean m nt wth u daddy u knw i work so hard to to keeping u next to me i lov urealy imean it cont wait to beeng with u to be yo wife to mother u daddy to our kids i lov u .

(by thuli at 15/03/2012)

Everyone has the definition of love, so just stand up on your own principles in life.. never give up coz love is always the answer

(by mart at 05/09/2009)

Never knew i could feel like this, like i've never seen the sky before. want to vanish inside your kiss and i love you until the end of time.

(by sandra at 24/11/2012)

I never wanted some1 to love me for a lifetime

i only wanted sum1 who's willing to love me true while he's mine ..^^,)

(by moonlight_flower08 at 16/01/2011)

If i give u flowers

Dey will wither and die

If i give u chocolate

Dey will melt and drip away

But coz i luv u

Am givin u my heart

D most precious gift

Dat will last till d end of time

Meetin u is d nicest

And happinest tin dat cud ve happen 2 me

Luvin u is a wondaful drm dat has come true

D luv we share is d best tin dat has ever happened 2 me

I'll 4eva luv u (DAOML)

(by Olujide at 20/08/2008)

If someone throws stone towards u, throw love towards them them but if someone throws love towards u,then stop for a while & think because love hurts u more than

(by Mt.vibas at 26/05/2010)

You are my love are my are my life.

(by nalika priyadarshani at 02/01/2011)

Hey! last nyt i dreamt of you, this morning my 1st tought was you, i tought of you the all day, i thin i luv you for ever, just remember u still remain my luv... i luv u you much

(by muhammand nazeef at 11/05/2011)

You made me smile, you make me sad, you make me laugh, you drive me mad, you does everything that one could ever felt in life.. you make me feel all the feeling there is in this world.. now i can't even live my days without you, you have stole the most precious thing i have, my heart. i love you :)

(by at 05/05/2010)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

There are many definitions for love... but best of all is love is power of sacrificing yourself for your partner

(by manity at 09/01/2012)

If love was maths,i'll subtract clothes add blankets, then multiply kisses

(by blessing at 17/10/2011)

You are the best thing on this whole planet, you make me extremely happy. You my heaven and earth. Love you .

(by rajan at 24/11/2009)

Hearts beat 72 times a min,

even if ur heart beats only once a min,

u'll still live coz 71 times my heart beats 4u..

good morning

(by at 22/10/2010)

I deeply love u through my hearts, hope 2 receive the same from u.

(by zarina khan at 16/11/2010)

Too late i loved you, ooh beauty so ancient yet ever new! and behold you were within me and i out of my self and there, i searched for you, you are the queen of my heart.

(by ogopotse kenosi at 17/02/2010)

You are an angel send by god for me.

(by kennytomas at 30/07/2012)

In your shadow

i find the place

that gives me peace

and harmony

(by sanita at 05/08/2011)

I am consumed by you, my love. my heart beats just so that i can hear your voice. you occupy all of my thoughts. waking moments i long to hear from you, and when asleep i dream of you. i miss you when we are apart.

(by jasmi at 07/06/2010)

Everyone wants to be the sun dat lights up your life. but i'd rather be ur moon, so i can shine on u during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around.

(by jude at 24/01/2011)

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