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Love is like a river:
never ending as it flows and becoming

greater with time...

(by sandy at 08/08/2009)

Just turn around and walk away you don't have to live like this , you have the chance to love the girl of your dreams and i won't stop you in doing so , so go on be happy :/

(by joy_08 at 06/02/2011)

To see love, look at moon..

to see beauty, look at


to see light, look at


to see hope, look at


but, i can see all of

these by

…just looking at you…

(by dave ;) at 15/05/2011)

I love u my beautiful wife with all my heart you are my everything my reason for being. there's never been anyone that has come close to me...

(by your-beloved-one at 29/10/2012)

Dont leave the one u luv 4 the one u like coz... one day the one u like will leave 4 the one they luv...

(by sam at 28/08/2009)

Set a place in ur heart and not ur mind for mind is easy to forget but di heart alway remember.dat wat has happen to u.take care find someone dat is better than me.but don't just give in so easy ok .

(by mellicare at 02/05/2011)

A song is no song ’til you sing it,

and love in your heart..

(by maria at 04/11/2011)

A mind cant 4gt a special persn even if struggles knocks, u cant b 4gotn most especially when d person is u, i luv u more than d words can dearest Adeola

(by pj at 22/10/2008)

You are leaving at noon; I shall see you in three hours.
Until then, mio dolce amor, a thousand kisses; but give me none in return,

for they set my blood on fire.

(by omunene at 06/05/2010)

In english(i love you my sweet)

in afrikaans(ek is lief vir jou my soet)

in albanian(i dashuri ju sweet time)

in belarusian(я цябе люблю мая салодкая)

in bulgarian(Обичам да ми сладък)

in catalan(t'estimo meva dolça)

in chinese(我愛你我甜)

in croatian(volim te moj slatki)

in czech(miluju tě můj sladký)

in danish(jeg elsker dig min søde)

in estonian(ma armastan sind mu armas)

in filipino(mahal kita aking matamis)

in finnish(rakastan sinua minun makea)

in french(je t'aime mon sweet)

in gailcian(eu te amo meu doce)

in german(ich liebe dich meine süße)

in greek(Σε αγαπώ γλυκιά μου)

in haitian creole(mwen renmen ou dous mwen)

in hebrew(אני אוהב אותך מתוק שלי )

in hindi(मॅँ आपको प्रेम मेरे मन! चलो)

in hungarian(nagyon szeretlek יdes)

in lcelandic(יg elska ‏ig sזta mםn)

in indonesian(aku cinta kau dan manis saya)

in lrish(is breב liom tת mo chroם)

in italian(ti amo mia dolce)

in japanese(Ž„‚ֽŽ„‚ּŠֳ‚¢ˆ₪ )

in korean(´ח½ְֵ» »ח¶ַֿ´ֲ ³×ְַ ´ִַׁ )

in latvian(i love you my salds)

in lithuanian(i love you my saldus)

in macedonian(£אס עו סאךאל למ¼מע סכאהמך)

in malay(i love anda manis saya)

in maltese(i imħabba inti tiegħi ħelu)

in norwegian(jeg elsker deg min sרte)

in persian(من تو را دوست دارم مرا )

in polish(kocham ciê mَj s³odki)

in portuguese(te amo meu doce)

in romanian(te iubesc scumpul meu)

in russian(ك ë‏لë‏ âàٌ جîé ٌëàنêèé)

in serbian(volim te moj sladak)

in slovak(milujem ‌a zlatيèko)

in slovenian(i love ti moja sladka)

in spanish(te amo mi dulce)

in swahili(i love you tamu yangu)

in swedish(jag نlskar dig min sِta)

in thai(©ر¹ أر، ¤ط³ ث¹ظ ¢ح§ ©ر¹)

in turkish(seni seviyorum benim tatlı)

in ukrainian(ك ë‏لë‏ âàٌ ىî؟ ٌîëîنê³)

in vietnamese(tôi yêu em ngọt ngào của tôi)

in welsh(i dy garu di fy melys)

in yiddish(איך ליבע איר מיין זיס )

50 different language 1 meaning i love you sweet

(by mohsin tiger at 08/03/2012)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

I heared someone whisper your name today, but when i turned around 2 see who it was i noticed i was alone,dats when i realized it was my heart telling me how much i miss u

(by nano at 05/08/2008)

Art of living: 1st of all,dont make friends.

if made,dont go close 2 them. if gone,dont like them. if liked,dan plz.. dont leave them.

good nite, sweet dreamz ...

dear customer ur sleeping service has been activated

now enjoy unlimited sweet dreams

browsing in ur bed.

good night.. sweet drms.... have a nice sleep....:

(by comrade at 08/06/2011)

I started to live just for the moment. in those 2 weeks i spent with you, you made me feel alive..

(by mumbra at 22/12/2011)

Dear jesus, i need you to rescue me because my heart is broken. please heal me and bring wholeness to my life. please forgive me of my sin and bring meaning and fulfillment into my life. i surrender my broken heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now. thank you.

(by kiptoo cheruiyot at 14/09/2011)

Love is said in just a touch

a look that says "you mean so much"

a word, a smile, a loving phrase ...

love is said in many ways

(by milani at 12/09/2012)

Love is life.. love is everything, one is not complete without love. love is the breath we take. i will do anything for my love

(by Martha at 24/07/2009)

If ur heart is term a prison i prefer 2 be sentence life, cos life without ur luv is incomplete.

(by Mikefits at 11/10/2008)

Love is blind but lovers knows where they are going, love is two heart beat together as one, i hope the time has come for our heart do the same

(by kombo at 12/06/2009)

This is the greatest pain i ever encountered in my entire life that comes from someone you never comprise!!!

(by barney at 24/01/2010)

No man is worth your tears, and when you find the man who is, he'll never make you cry.

(by mary at 22/08/2010)

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