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I wish we will be together,

Because I love YOU maria.

(by gonzey at 26/01/2009)

I say things without thinking, i do things without thinking... but everyday i try my best to make less mistakes, cause i love you very very much.

(by andyyou at 14/12/2011)

Though we might be separated by distance,bt right here u'r in my heart,we might nt see each other,bt when i close my eyes,there's an image of ur face.I LOVE U.

(by Kingsley at 01/11/2008)

When ever you feel like crying pls call me, i'm not promising to stop you, but i'm willing to cry with you

(by Lord cauley at 08/08/2008)

Everything in life looks boring and ugly. Until l met U and find D beauty in you. Den Ur love over shadow me. I love you bukky

(by Las-bourne at 05/01/2009)

The first time when i see you, i knew it was true and that's why i've sent you all those love messages.i will love you forever and ever!

(by yosemite at 23/09/2012)

Some times I don't say hi

Some times I don't reply

Some times I don't sms u

But it doesn't mean I 4get u

It means I'm giving u

Time to miss me !

(by saran kerala at 15/08/2008)

I love you with all my heart , you are my true love and u will be, until breath and life ends.

(by moham at 07/07/2011)

My eyes miss you, my feelings are of love, my hand needs you, my soul calls upon you, my hearts is just for you. i'd die without you, because i love you...

(by unknown at 11/07/2012)

Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.

(by john at 01/10/2010)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

I love you more than you know.i want to hold tight so that you will fall down and break,any time i see you my heart jump and jealous when i see you talking to some one .i love you forever.this will lead us to marriage.

(by jackson at 11/04/2009)

The never-ending feeling i feel when i am with you, the warmth of your hands when the world feels so cold, love to many is just a simple word, but to me it's knowing that you will always be there for me, and that to me is everything.

(by micheal at 09/09/2008)

I miss u every second..
And I hope u miss me too..

(by marc at 20/01/2010)

How your nose wrinkles when you smile, how you light up a room, how you smell. i wonder how it is you are not in a relationship? i can't believe anyone would not want to be with you...

(by karun at 17/06/2010)

Little keys can open big locks;

simple words can express great thoughts.

do you thing this simple love sms can express my thoughts?

i don't think so but this is all i can do right now! i love you!

(by ukinti at 17/10/2012)

My love,nothing on earth will make me change the way i love cause u are everything a woman need on earth.U are loving,nice,handsome and above all kind.I love u nkem.

(by Solange at 05/05/2010)

There's no special reason for this msg, i juz wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life

(by dinesh at 10/04/2011)

I feel something in my heart,its like a flame, every time i see u, this flame lights up, this flame is special for u bse I LOVE U.



(by patrick at 07/04/2009)

Finding you was second greatest thing,but loving you was the first thing.

(by mogeni bonface at 27/07/2011)

Bcoz of men psychology, There were times when I fall in love with someone new, but I always find myself back in love with you.LOVE YOU FOREVER!

(by marcia at 01/06/2009)

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