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I have meet so many people but i still remember you, but one thing is for sure no matter how many years has pass i will never forget you

(by patricia at 27/02/2010)

Love can not be compared beautiful stars which cant be seen during day time love is there all the time

(by Jesca at 25/02/2009)

I love the rain...
I love the sunset...
I love trees, flowers and breeze.
I love myself and everything i see and feel and the reason of all of this...
is YOU.
I love loving you...

(by prince joseph at 19/09/2009)

Love knows no reasons, love knows no lies, love defines all reasons, love has no eyes..

but love is not blind, love sees all but doesn't mind.

pls 4give me am sorry i didnt mean to lie to u

(by focus nettoa at 12/02/2012)

My love my life distance is not a problem cuz distance build trust and trust is true love cuz u can always luv d person u trust but u don't always trust d person u love.

(by Charles at 02/05/2010)

You are a gift wrapped in ribbons of thoughtfulness and trimmed with kisses and smiles

(by marie at 22/08/2012)

I love you sweety! everyone send love messages to each other, but i think you can see that in my eyes!

(by cindy at 01/11/2012)

If i write your name in the sky, the wind will blow it away, if i write in the sea wave will blow it away but your name is ENGRAVED in my heart where nothing can touch it.

(by turk at 26/11/2009)

Please hurry back because i can't stop the heartaches from dominating me when i'm missing you so terribly

(by chatman sieben at 11/08/2010)

Oh baby. u are so precious 2 me than. u are incomparable 2 a gold nor a rose flower. it is reveal that we both have a great future 2 spend 2gether. i love u

(by babatunde tolulope at 05/03/2011)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

I miss u every second..
And I hope u miss me too..

(by marc at 20/01/2010)

Love is a tree planted by two in two different heart watered by emotional words. it grows with lot of kisses

(by collins eseoghene at 12/03/2011)

I love your smile...never was there a better one.
I love how you shaped me into a better person without even realizing you had done it, and having the patience with me to do it. I luv you!!!

(by jule at 11/01/2010)

I thank you for the love we have and your gentleness. never forget me, as i will never forget you.

(by gentleman at 31/08/2012)

Love is a friendship caught on fire.

(by alex at 10/09/2010)

Wen am thirst i drink water,wen am sick i take medicines and wen am dirty i owez take a wat can i do if i miss u?

(by gabby geezy at 08/09/2011)

Some feelings are better kept to yourself, because love has its way of expressing itself despite the silence. aint i saying i love you everytime i look at your eyes! you know that i am, i love you babe

(by merti at 03/11/2012)

Relationship is all about strive, desire, dedication and true love

(by britney at 29/05/2011)

Faith makes all things possible. hope makes all things work. love makes all things beautiful.

(by hundi at 27/10/2011)

Love at first is easy to understand,it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that becomes a miracle.LOVE U menda

(by semily at 28/11/2008)

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