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They is no reason to hide u 4rm my heart...if heart was talkng...mine would talk loudly...i love u.hav a nyc resting language.mchwaa

(by lungani at 05/10/2011)

Don't force yourself to fall in love,

just because you think its your turn

(by jenis at 23/01/2012)

O My Sweet Teddy Bear..I miss you more than ever...
I ll be waiting just for you...
To see you once, to show you my love and to tell you...that you are the one always on my mind...

(by shivanis at 14/03/2010)

Unchain my heart and see inside you have a sun to shine for you all day long but i would rather be you moon to shine for you in the darkest a hour of the nite for your heart never the lest.

(by Bertha at 14/08/2009)

I miss the past, and all the people who were a part of it.

i miss the people who claimed to care about me, when deep down,

i knew as well as them, that they didn’t.

i miss the way things used to be.

(by hooney at 03/08/2012)

Love is a river that can never be stop .

(by dare at 16/12/2011)


thanks for being there when i needed a

shoulder to lean on, for patiently listening

to my personal problems. baby, i just want you

to know how happy am i to have you in my life

and i thank god for that. thank you for the

love and the joy you bring. you've changed my

life, baby.

(by oyenife at 20/11/2011)

Ive seen so many bright and beautiful stars in the sky, but not as bright and beautiful, like the star I have in my heart..

and that's you mhie, my shining star day or night..

(by prince joseph at 21/09/2009)

I dream about you and will be for a long time.. you are just that! someone whom i will love for the rest of my life.

(by unknown at 21/08/2012)

Every time the wind blows, i whisper, i love you!

(by yanil at 03/12/2012)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

One relationship make the life meaningful what it is ?

it's our love dear.

i love u very much in this entire universe...

(by bharaty at 11/06/2010)

You are rear gift from god, u are d answer to my prayer, and with u in my life, my long search for a perfect and true love has engage

(by Olayinka ayobami at 16/10/2008)

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within

(by adriana at 16/09/2010)

I don't exactly know how to end this except say what you've said to me
I love you so much.. Will you marry me?

(by martha at 06/01/2010)

Love is fool,waste,bad,sad??? if u taste it ,if u feel it then it will change ur taste of life

(by subhasish at 21/11/2009)

I promise to love you with all my heart

i love you so much

i miss you so much

(by kev at 24/07/2012)

Luv all day,crazi 4 u evr moment,tinking of $pecial person lik u i dnt tinkin i wil regret in it,luv u much and more.

(by dee jay spy d at 23/03/2012)

Love is when you can't let go even if one hurts so much but you just find a reason to go on for once more time.

(by cleo at 04/02/2013)

Love is like a river that flows when the water is full but when it is dry is disaster,then the love becomes weak because it needs to be cherished everyday and night.

(by mildred at 13/07/2009)

Dear vinay,
The way u look into my eyes, it scares me,
The way u say I Luv U, it scares me,
The way u know just what to say, it scares me,
The ways u scare me I luv it.

(by seema jain at 22/03/2010)

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