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I want to see you every second...
i want you here by my side...
iLuV u soOOoooooo mucH….

(by maria at 10/03/2010)

Each time my heart beats, I remember you.

Each time i see smiles, I remember you.

Each time I see a beautiful flower, I remember you.

Each time i walk in rain, I remember you.

Each time when i see rainbow, I remember.

Because you are the mixture of all the above and you are the only one in this world whom I love and admire.

But, The sad one is you are not with me now. Pls come back to me and give me my life. without is life is nothing. I Love You and Miss you every second.

(by Abhilash at 28/12/2008)

Love can not be compared beautiful stars which cant be seen during day time love is there all the time

(by Jesca at 25/02/2009)

I finally hope that u understand that I love till the end of my life because u are not only my girl u are also my best friend

(by sadia arshad at 22/04/2009)

I remember u every sec

i miz u every time,

hoping u ll come soon n understand my feelings wit lovely rythm......

(by heran karki at 07/03/2011)

Whenever thought gets to me

i always ask myself

what i'm gonna do with or without u

(by catrose at 10/03/2011)

No matter how long it will be, i will be waiting for you honey!

always love you babe, life is miserable without you.

(by tina at 10/08/2012)

I love u not only for wat u are, but for wat i am wen am with u. i love u not only for wat u have made of urself, but for wat u are making of me. i love u for the part of me dat u bring out. i'll always love u till the end of time........

(by ogunlolu oluwadamilola at 27/03/2012)

Luv is a collection of heart,it's kind,ready to give and share,it never ends or only reminds me that life isn't perfect without you.i love you

(by mariam at 21/05/2011)

Dear lianne,

if there ever comes a day

when we can't be together,

keep me in your heart,

i'll stay there forever.


(by xion at 26/12/2010)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

Love is what i knew from u
loving u were my aim
standing by ur side is at night what i drew
please for the love of the lord
stay with me

(by sihem at 24/04/2010)

I realy lv u my babe let dem know say im your husband frm heaven pls let's dem know

(by ola at 20/03/2012)

Stimulate the heart to love and all other good things will rise from their own accord

(by pethias makapa at 10/05/2011)

For four months we've been together i am so happy,i never felt this such happiness in my life and wanting somebody so badly.. I love you with whole my heart!

(by your litti love at 04/01/2010)

Simple music can make u sing. A simple hug can make u feel better, simple things can make u happy hope my simple kiss will make u smile.

(by Hsafi at 13/03/2010)

I cant talk to you anymore,it is not that i am mad at you,it is just that when i talk to you i realize how much i love you and when i realize i cant have you and that make me love you even more.

(by dare owobayi at 09/08/2011)

You're close to my heart, I love you!

(by Gaone M at 26/01/2010)

I want to be with u foreva hope nothin z goina come btwn us

(by kelvin at 26/06/2011)

Baby you are my world my soul mate and i am sorry for what i said the other day love you..

(by kenola at 11/03/2010)

Love is the highest of height and deepest of depth. only two hearts can reach it. yours and mine!

(by fabian at 05/04/2011)

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