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I love you baby! i know everybody can say this, or can just send a love message, but i truly love you! i don't know any words to describe that better, but i can absolutely say that i'll love you till death!

(by mayin at 07/10/2012)

A calabash cant sink the water onless something is in and that is love

(by ernest asante at 18/06/2012)

Start loving till your end because love is only thing that can never dies. because the love started from the beginning of this earth.

(by aartha at 26/02/2011)

In the darkest phase of my life you lifted the candle of love, and in your face and heart i see the routes that i should take.

(by oliver c.anyanwu at 08/04/2011)

Tears are silent langage of LOVE,When tears come with reason

means u got some problem,

But when tears come without

reason means u r in LOVE

(by sarthak at 28/07/2008)

Tears are not coming;
You are inside my eyes;
I will not let you go out;
Will close my eyes forever.

(by Siri at 13/07/2009)

Thanx for love me thanx for come with me thnx for give me lots of love i love u ever n ever

(by vicky at 23/12/2011)

My life has been a fulfillment since you walked in. you change my world and give me a blissful moment.

(by unknown at 10/03/2012)

I always miss u :( and i cant live without u.. u r the air that i breath... And u'll always be in my heart!!!

(by zynci at 28/02/2010)

In a twinkle of an eye,she came into my life,she made herself my centre of attraction,she made me feel on top of d world,she made me feel i was everything.i thought i was everything,i never knew i was tripping on a lighten she dump me,she spoilt my happiness,the one i love is i believe is real,love i believe was everything

(by agba stephen koojo at 04/02/2012)

Love Sms - Daily Updated

My cute wife,i go to bed with tears every night waiting for the moment i can hear from you. i don't know this feeling - i have never experienced it. i want you by my side. i could never get tired of being near you whether on the phone,i missed you more than words can say. i genuinely love you.ur husbandxxxxx

(by muhammad at 12/01/2011)

Just wanted you to know

I love being near you...

I love looking into your eyes,

hearing you laugh...

(by marty at 24/11/2008)

If you are a flower i will plant you in my heart water you with my blood and cover you with body,

lets meet at the bottom i love you from the bottom of my heart

you are the cream in my coffee

(by muhammed at 27/05/2011)

Your brought me a plant when my plant was dying. You gave me hope when I was depressed. You brought me food when I was sick. All I can say is I adore you!!

(by yipsi at 19/04/2009)

Last night i went for a walk in heaven.on my return,the moon caught me steeling a star,but he smiled at me when he new it was for my love.dream of those who love you,i do!

(by njoya at 20/12/2008)

I only wish to be the fountain of love from which you drink, every drop promising eternal passion.

(by sole at 21/12/2010)

But the moonlight knows,

That in my heart, you’re the glow

And the moonlight knows,

You’re in my soul ..

(by tender at 30/04/2009)

Never ask 4 a kiss. just take it.
never give a hug, ask for it.
never ask do u love me, 1st say i love u.
never say i can not live without u, say i live for u.

(by emmy at 08/06/2009)

When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone, make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart, cuz broken hearts has never spare parts.

(by mark at 28/04/2009)

Kiss me and u will see stars; Love me and I will give them to u.

(by smily at 11/06/2009)

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