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The day u was born, the sky was so dark,and i ask why? b'cos it loos one of the most beautiful angel

(by Muftau at 19/03/2009)

In times of happiness and in difficult times as well

i love you because you are my world

(by sami at 21/01/2012)

Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. someone sober will worry about events going badly. let the lover be.

(by andrey at 27/09/2010)

I love you very much, because with you, i found a way to love myself again.

(by hassan at 22/11/2012)

If only u could know how i over heard ur voice when others speaks, if only u could know how my heart over flow with love for u, if only u could know how my body is unsatisfied...

(by samson udoma (s-clear) at 10/04/2011)

Babe,the time for loneliness is over, now you have found someone who can satisfy your needs as far as LOVE in this world is concern..

(by mabesh at 09/05/2010)

To understand true love, you have to know the true principals of loving someone by having these within you and within your heart: admiration, adoration, appreciation, assurance, being true to self, delightfulness, desire, devotion, feeling, fondness, giving undivided attention, honor, loyalty, passion, regard, respect, reverence, romance, understanding, warmth, and first and foremost love god bless the day i met you.

with you now i know that true love is a precious gift that comes from the heart and something money cannot buy.

(by hammed at 01/08/2010)

When i realize how amazing you are, how caring and loving you are,i can feel what part of you has captured me most...

(by marry at 06/03/2012)

Set a place in ur heart and not ur mind for mind is easy to forget but di heart alway remember.dat wat has happen to u.take care find someone dat is better than me.but don't just give in so easy ok .

(by mellicare at 02/05/2011)

Love isn't a decision, it's a feeling. if we could decide who to love, then, life would be much simpler, but then less magical.

(by unknown at 12/01/2011)

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Hey: you think i don't know that you slept with joy, wake up with peace, you still dating mercy, favor is on your bed, blessing is the hottest action on a BF, ALL JOKES BABY, LOVE U.

(by Casmir Nwakanma(HOME at 29/12/2009)

Love u u da chello...cnt b without u...pls b....pls....

(by eric dass at 05/10/2011)

My love loving u is the greatest blessing i receive from god i love u so much i will always do.

(by sunday at 21/03/2011)

The way to heaven is love. You are my only way!

(by silvia at 25/12/2008)

It kills me that i cannot have my sweetheart by my side right now, everything i would be doing for you...

(by kehitan at 07/03/2012)

It is ok if we get frustrated and mad but that is about it .just love and care..

(by maria at 21/08/2011)

Ur love that keeps me alive my sweety

(by rafikapoor at 17/10/2010)

True people are like diamond, so dear n rare, false people are like stones scattered everywhere.

(by Delux at 13/09/2008)

Longest distance on earth is not from north to south, its when i stand in front of "u" n "u" ignore "me"......!!

(by surekha at 18/08/2011)

If I had d letter HRT I cn add EA 2 get HEART or a U and n get HURT but I had rather chuz U n get HURT than have a HEART without U

(by SILINDILE at 05/10/2008)

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