How to keep the flame alive

If you are currently in a relationship you know that at times it may grow boring or you feel as though the spark that brought you together has now grown dim. It takes work to make a relationship last and should be done because you love your partner. You want to do whatever it takes to show them how special that they are to you. There are many things that you can do that don’t take a ton of time or planning and will work regardless of if you are female or male.

If you have the extra cash you can spring for a romantic getaway. This will allow you to spend time alone out of your normal surroundings. You don’t have to fly to another country or even state just to feel as though you are elsewhere. A few things that you can do during your special weekend to help create a romantic mood may start a long walk on the beach or under the stars. You can pack a picnic to take with you and have a late dinner while chatting about absolutely nothing special. This allows you to just enjoy being together without stress or the need to talk about things such as work or stressful things that comes along with real life. For now just put the outside world on hold and only worry about you and your partner.

If you are on a budget and can’t get away for the weekend you can take off a day from work so you can enjoy snuggling up with your partner later than normal. Serving them breakfast in bed is always a nice gesture and doesn’t require any money to do so. Spend the day doing things that you always liked doing together or offer to go to a musical, sports event or other event that your partner enjoys.

If you have children or a busy work schedule it can often be hard to find time to be alone so it’s important in any relationship that you make time for each other. If nothing else set at least 2-3 days a month aside for date night and make sure to stick with it. Having things planned may not always be great but at least it gives you a chance to stay connected to your partner. If life allows it you can always sneak in a spur of the moment trip or date but make it a priority to spend time with your partner.

Always remember that even if you do love someone it’s still nice to hear so regardless of how long you have been together be sure to tell them every day. Small things can help to put a smile on the face of your loved one such as leaving them sweet little notes just to say I love you, plan to have lunch with them during a work day, or just give them a call or send a text message to say something sweet like “I miss you”.

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kevin sent this on 29/02/2012, 06:45

Lv is a strong thng

kunle adesanya sent this on 01/11/2011, 20:22

Love is something u have to talk slow and always make sure she love u the same way u love her....we just people

isaacmario sent this on 15/06/2011, 18:07

D eyes of d hart of lov sees afar than d eyes of d body, it is a tru hart that can keep a foot print 4 others to take.

sang sent this on 12/04/2011, 14:49

Rely gr8!!! i'd certainly try to implemnt ds in my lov lyf... i hope it wrks...

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