Visitor Love Quotes

I want to see u every second... i want u here by my side

(by Tunde on 04/06/2010)

I am happy we meet and i hope we will grow more together and one day get married i love you forever

(by regina on 03/06/2010)

Love doesn't require two people look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction

(by 1million dollar on 02/06/2010)

Can Be A Comma (,)
A Question Mark (?)
An Exclamation Point (!)
That's Basic Spelling
That Every Woman
Ought To Know

(by madhu on 01/06/2010)

Love is d fastest cure for every worries,but it kills faster than aids.

(by David jim on 31/05/2010)

I know this sounds silly, but I just wish you felt the same about me. I would give you my heart in a second, and maybe one day you will realize I am not invisible, and will give me your heart too.

(by sandy on 30/05/2010)

For my forever love loving you is like holding a rainbow in my hands... Each moments feel new, bright you possibilites, Holding in magic and fairy-tale fantasises and dreams that really do come true... It isn't from wonder now until forever, somewhere, somehow, I'll still be lovins you, With Love Today an Forever...

(by vishnu thakur on 29/05/2010)

When you take my hand, I get weak in the knees. I tell no lie when I say that your kiss melts me. You are a wonderful, sexy and lovely, addition to my life!

(by martin on 28/05/2010)

With luv everything becomes possible between u nd ur lover, u see everything clearly nd better. love is something that fills ur heart with joy nd gladness bcos it pays 2 love nd be loved.

(by jimmy on 27/05/2010)

If someone throws stone towards u, throw love towards them them but if someone throws love towards u,then stop for a while & think because love hurts u more than

(by Mt.vibas on 26/05/2010)

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