Thank you for the love and care that you give to me.

i really appreciate those effort that you showed to me, i loved you a lot!

(by martina on 17/08/2012)

You are now a part of me. you are the inspiration of my life. my love for u is completely infinite and without any strings attached.

(by tiamo on 16/08/2012)

On d blue day, when i first saw u first in my life. there was a click in my heart that u were mine..

in u, i saw d picture of my homeboy and my husband... for love all my life, i have read of it, dreamt of it, thought about it. but in u i have found it. i love u.

(to lwando love)

(by abongile on 15/08/2012)

I cannot stop loving u neither i will try doing so. u will live in me forever my love!

(by unknown on 14/08/2012)

I want to make things great to see us together again

happy forever and this time baby

i promise and i mean it

i love you till my heart stops beating.

(by erica on 13/08/2012)

I feel your touch and your arms around me every night i fall asleep

(by juli on 12/08/2012)

From now, on every moment, every second, i will spend beside you to make you happy.

(by zyn22 on 11/08/2012)

I see your smile, i hear your voice, i feel your touch and your arms around me every night i fall asleep

(by tina on 10/08/2012)

Thank you for giving me a great life, thanks for these awesome 4 years, babe. i love u so much.

(by melinda on 09/08/2012)

You give me hope

you are my guide

when i am lost

you are my sanctuary

(by minny on 08/08/2012)

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