Healthy Relationships and Solving Problems

When two voices harmonize with one another, the result is the most angelic sounds in the world, the sweetest music ever created. The same happens when two people are involved in a love story full of harmony and understanding: they make a beautiful music together.

Healthy relationships are like good music, bring a positive effect on our emotional and physical state of well being, influencing not only our mood but also our health and self-esteem. They are made of mutual respect and understanding, trust, commitment, communication, sincerity, fidelity, self-esteem, equality, assertiveness.

For some few lucky people romantic relationships are naturally healthy, they rarely argue about something and most of time they guess each other preferences. However, for the rest, it takes patience, time, trust and a lot of work in order for their relation be named a healthy one.

How to recognize signs that leads to an unhealthy relationship:

  • Feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem because of the way he or she treats you.
  • Your partner continue to humiliate you publicly despite the fact you told him /her you did not like that.
  • Controlling attitude and abusing behavior in any way, verbally, emotionally and /or physically.
  • Your partner has been dishonest with you breaking down your trust and open communication between you.
  • He /she does not pay attention to your needs and does not respect you.
  • You hear more criticism from your partner than words of appreciation.
  • Often you find yourself giving more than receiving, still feeling a fear of losing your mate.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship:

  • Love unconditionally each other, ever bound your feelings by the way your date looks, dresses, talks, feels, acts or earns.
  • Make agreements and keep them all, it will strengthen the relation and will bring a sense of integrity and of dedication to each other.
  • Listen actively to whatever each other have to say and talk openly about your feelings; remember the communication is the key for a good relation.
  • Cultivate feelings of trust, honesty and sincerity.
  • Treat each other with kindness showing consideration in your gestures.
  • Have confidence in your partner and avoid being jealous just because she/he had a coffee with her former high school colleague.
  • Be devoted to each other unconditionally and unquestionably and let your partner know he / she is the only that counts for you in a romantic way.
  • Having fun together is both physically and emotionally healthy and is a great way to feel good about each other. Laughing helps also to relieve stress and tension accumulated during working or studying hours.
  • Respect the uniqueness of the other person and the fact that he / she need some private space and time.
  • Sustain each other under bad circumstances and give support unconditionally without reproaching anything.
  • Emanate excitement about the fact of being together.
  • Express feeling of gratitude for any of those "little things that counts" as well as for any gift or deed special done for you to feel good.
  • Make efforts to have some time to spend together without being interrupted by phone calls or loudly noises nearby.
  • When having little disagreements never ever throw back in your mate face ( or worse in front of others , when being with friends ) something he or she has offered you as a private information as a result of his / her confidence in you.
  • Do not judge the other for what he / she feels, thinks and acts but rather offer to your partner the liberty to be him/herself.
  • Honor the differences between you working to mutual acceptance.
  • Do not assume your mate thinks and feel in certain way, check it out, you might find the opposite of what you thought.
  • Resolve any misunderstanding immediately and do not allow yourself to hold grudges or ruminate about the past.
  • Make your partner feel special by surprising him/he from time to time with romantic gestures.
  • Take full responsibility for all your actions and do not expect from your mate to resolve them; he or she may have very well their own to do.

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