When and how to rekindle the flames of love

Romantic relationships require a lot of creativity in order to survive, there is not such thing as "lasting forever and ever" without you or your partner doing nothing special for that.

How could one determine the right time to start thinking about rekindling the flames of love? A relationship does not fade out all of a sudden, there are warning signs revealing your relationship is in trouble and here are some:

1. Your partner begins to get bored in your presence after a while and doesn't seem to be so interested in your daily activities when you tell him how you spent your day;

2. He forgets to call and tell you he'll stay longer hours at his job, if you live together;

3. He behaves capriciously ,one moment being warm and affectionate and the next one he changes to that "leave me alone, I don't need you " attitude;

4. You feel you love and think about him more than he loves and thinks about you;

5. He forgets to celebrate the day you first met or worse he didn't remember your birthday;

6. He refuses to admit your relationship is falling down and need some attention from both of you in order to rekindle the flames of love between you.

What do you need to do when your relationship shows some of or all these signs?

Is there a way the romance be reinforced into your life? Here are some suggestions on how to rekindle the flames of love:

1. Remember the early stages of your romance and what made him fall in love with you in the first place ,then try to recreate that atmosphere .You may even plan a romantic weekend in an exotic place or somewhere else and enjoy that time doing fun things together as you used to do once;you'll be surprised to see how a simple weekend spent together with your lover in a quiet romantic place can do wonders on a relationship;

2. Surprise him with a well prepared aphrodisiac dinner when he less expects that from you( for example ,you might call and tell him you have a headache and will take a rest till he comes back home ,then wait for him dressed like for a special occasion , the table set with nice tablecloth ,cloth napkins , crystal glasses , champagne, flowers , light candles at the entrance of your home and one of your favorite romantic songs playing in the background );

3. Compliment him for any of his well mannered gestures and don't take them for granted;in the same time refrain from nagging him for all the things he forgot to do or say;

4. Reassure your boyfriend of your unconditional love by telling him those three magical old fashioned words "I love you" ,he needs to hear them from your mouth from time to time;

5. Encourage him to talk about his feelings and share his problems with you;be a good listener when he finally decides to open up to you ( men are more conceited beings than women and would rather keep for them any problem ), that meaning letting him to finish his speech;

6. Be supportive , understanding , sympathetic in his bad days rather than reproaching him he's not in good mood; talk to him gently and convince him to seek medical help if looks like he suffers from some kind of depression , especially when things are not going well in his life;

7. Don't wait for a special occasion and buy him that nice tie which goes well with his new suit just to show he's on your mind all day long; you'll get more chances to make him remember the things that are important for you and repay your gesture with a surprise ,too;

8. Work to improve the way you communicate with each other; learn to tell your man what do you expect from him ,remember he's into a romantic affair with you not into guessing games and usually men don't take time to wonder what their women want but rather will assume they can speak their mind up.

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tebogo sent this on 11/05/2012, 14:38

I am dating two men @ de same tym & i'm tired of dating men bcoz everytym i'm with dem i fel lk i don't nd dem in mi lyf animore.

johnson casto sent this on 30/03/2012, 04:57

I met my drim girl through her frnd,i use to drim of her b4 i me her,and knw we r in love she love me so mush,she is so caring,loving,gentil,kind,she cnt do wntout seening me a day,d second day she came 2 my house she so me love,she alwaz make me happy.i love her wit al my life,she is my life,love,she let me knw wat love talk abt.i love her wit all my life.TOLULOPE ADEKOYA.

love sent this on 23/03/2012, 05:14

I want 2love but each time i gettin 2relationship with someone,i always got tired of love

mubarak sent this on 11/01/2012, 07:23

Love is nothing when you not enjoy it .......

Olorundare.A sent this on 01/10/2011, 05:21

I want 2love but each time i gettin 2relationship with someone,i always got tired of love

EKEMINI sent this on 26/09/2011, 17:07

Luv is wht i dont understand, luv goes up an down

prem swaroop kumar sent this on 31/08/2011, 10:58

Ya ur msg was super i like it

lala sent this on 18/08/2011, 22:18


stephen sent this on 04/08/2011, 06:24

Love the heart that hurts you but never hurt the heart that loves you...................

anne sent this on 08/07/2011, 05:07

Wow i have a true love