Dating with your friend and the things you should consider

When you have romantic feelings for someone it can be heart breaking to be put in the friend zone. However, many friendships due to lead to romantic encounters and even marriage but that don’t mean the relationship will last if not done properly. If you are currently pursuing a relationship with a friend there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to actually date them.

Try to not rush and approach with caution

A good friend is something that most of us wish we had but don’t always have. Dating a friend is great if things work out but if not you risk losing the relationship that you had prior to dating. If you’re unsure about how your friend feels about you then you should not try to rush anything otherwise you may destroy any chances that you have of dating your friend. If they feel pressured it may not only turn them off from dating you but they may stop hanging out with you as a friend as well. This is something you definitely want to avoid so it’s imperative that you approach the situation with caution.

It is a risk. Is it worth to take?

As already stated dating your friend is a risk and should be taken seriously. It may not be a bad idea and may work out in the end for the best but if they are not interested or the relationship ends it may be the end of your friendship as well. You need to consider all aspects of what can and may go wrong in order to decide if the risk is worth the chance of possibly getting your soul mate. You need to determine if your feelings are real and if it’s not just some type of fascination that may go away in the near future.

You should definitely go out of your way to make your friend feel special beyond just being a friend. Surprise them with gifts, flirty text messages and even offer to take them out to dinner and pay for the bill. This will give you a chance to show them how you feel without overdoing it. See how they react to you being flirty and more of a date versus their friend. If they seem open to the possibility then dating your friend may be a reality in the near future.

Once you have established a more concrete relationship with your friend and feel as though it’s safe to express your feelings do it privately and in a special way. Let them know how you feel and that you will respect their decision whether they want to date you or not. If they have been okay with you flirting and taking them out more than likely they are open to the idea of actually dating.

Conclusion: Be certain, make a serious conversation

Before dating your friend though make sure to have a serious conversation about where you both would like it to go and the consequences that it will have on your friendship. What would you both do if the relationship doesn’t work out and would you want to continue being friends? There are several factors that will come into play when dating your friend but can definitely happen if approached correctly.

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jerome simumba sent this on 02/01/2013, 14:45

It's bad to lose the one you loved most and only her you can love but she is with someone now.

Oillers sent this on 10/07/2012, 02:14

I seriousely need a girl to love and build a fulfilled future together

Peter sent this on 22/06/2012, 01:18

Itz alwayz gud and interesting 2 be in love and also equally painful 4 1ce heart 2 be broken

Virgin sent this on 14/02/2012, 20:07

I jux need a gud nd cirios relationshp

jbrown sent this on 31/01/2012, 15:35

Is gud 2 b in luv and it hurt wen ur heart is broken.

Amosrock sent this on 07/01/2012, 20:54

Am lukin 4 a true luv

Hot punk sent this on 30/12/2011, 07:28

Love is blind

basir sent this on 09/12/2011, 10:40

I love someone but she dont know about me. that I love her...

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I need sum one for real friends

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I need sum1 in my life