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20 Jun, 2010

To My Beautiful Babe

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it was in the beginning of sept of 2009,when i meet u the girl that change my whole life not like any other life, like many people say u change it upside down turned it and twisted it all in one with ur smile..

it was a smile that made me feel different, a first different thing that i never felt before ever in my life then i feel in love with u..
Each day i spend with u and i fall more and more in love, now ur my whole life and i put u in front of everything i do buy u every thing u need even if it leaves me broke..
seeing u smile and happy is what makes me smile and warm inside, im always by ur side no matter where i’ll protect u from any danger and never let u have a scratch..even if that means i have to give my life to every last drop..i love u so and ur princess that no girl can never replace getting with u on 9/8/09 was the best day of my life, u made me see things i never know existed with ur touch u live in my heart and u well always stay there no matter what im always gonna love u and be by ur side though anything that passes my way i want to be with u forever and anything i go thought and i do want it done with u r my first love and i want u to be my last its 8 months now and i feel like i been with u for years years that i love every single day that passes by..

Your the air that breath and my world ur my stars in the dark and my inner light that keeps me alive, with ur beautiful brown sparkling eyes..
to ur amazing beautiful personalty i love everything about u.. ur smile ur eyes ur body i love u inside and out and the most important one i love u for u and who u r.. baby i love u so much and ochoa and ill be happy as u as my wife..

I want to be with u everyday cause u light my day i love laying with u and holding u so tight giving u that kiss that i never want to end i love u baby always tell the end..

My beautiful love

My beautiful love

No one knew the feeling of love that happens in their life, but i have understood how the love will remain still up to future.

Its my love story, which started in 16 of my age.
I get mad to get her, no one just predicted that i will gonna propose her. I thought she my destiny for my whole life and i make her my love. but now its not the way i thought, today she became my breathe without whom i cant even respire, i cant leave without her. Now she was not with me, she was went to settle in far from me, about 30 km from my place. Don’t know what to do. Hope she will come for me.

My love please come. I love u very very much………

come back my dear love

come back my dear love

19 Apr, 2010

School Lovers

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it was 2007 when i joined APS DK(school). that time i was in 10th when i met her(priyanka). we both rarely talked to each other and were not even good friends either but on 24thdec07, clearly remember that day coz it was a beginning of a new chapter in my life which would continue forever. on this day i sent her first message that too “I LOVE YOU’, actually it was a mistake after that i was really scared that she might not talk to me ever after that but it was the other way. we became good friends infact best friends very soon. then came the exams but that hardly stopped our talks. then in 11th our classes changed coz i was a science student and she opted for commerce.

we kept meeting in schools whenever we had free periods of got free time. soon i realised that i was in love with her. first time in my lyf i felt like this for someone but didn’t had the courage to tell her what i felt. to know what she felt bout me i started avoiding and paid less attention to her, even when she was in front of me and since she also loved me she didn’t like that at all. we had a couple of big fights on this. a few times we had almost changed our paths. but above all that was love that i had in my heart for her. i didn’t let her go away from me.

my way of proposing her was very common, proposed her on new year. 1stjan09, but she didn’t say yes instantly. she tested me if i was perfect for her. and then in april she went out of town and staying away from me made her realise how much she loves me. she came back and then expressed her feelings to me…it was the best moment of my life…and since then we are together. we are enjoying every second that we spend together. i wish to spend my entire life with her…

School lovers

outside photo of school lovers

outside photo of school lovers

School lovers

love story by parth sarthy

13 Apr, 2010

I stiffened when I saw him

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I stiffened when I saw him. My toes curled, my knees weakened, my heart throbbed, my world stopped. Oh, how I loved and still loved him.
We used to be lovers. He was mine. Yes, was. We’re through, but still friends. That is one of my greatest mistakes, because I can’t get over him, even though it’s been more than two years. I still love him. The flame is still there. That same flame I used to feel more than two years ago.
I felt him touching my hand. We’re going out on a dinner. There is this tingling sensation again; my heart is pounding like I was gasping for air.
We entered a fancy restaurant. We talked a lot. I listened to his problem, only to be hurt when it was his girlfriend he was problematic about. He says he’s guilty as hell when he hurt her. He loves his girl so much, I thought. She is one lucky girl. I grimaced at the thought.
After the dinner, he drove his car and took me to lover’s view in Antipolo. Just this once, I thought. Forever is too much to ask. I sighed.
We’re acting like playful, silly children. We teased each other. It’s fun. I felt happy.
I’m giving him playful punch on his left arm when suddenly, I felt his arms around me and hugged me so tight. I close my eyes, silently savoring the sweetness of the moment.
“Uhm, Clarence, do you mind if I ask you something… personal?” a part of my mind regrets, but my heart insists to give in. I chose the latter. Just this once. Forever is too much to ask.
“Sure,” he replied. “What is it Clem?”
A pause.
“Do you still love me?”
He was shocked. “It’s not a funny joke Clem. Stop it.”
“Clarence I’m serious. Do you still love me? Because I still do. It’s been more than two years and yet I still do. I still ask myself why I lost you. You’re the one who’s making me feel this way and it’s too painful for me to ignore.” I realized I was crying. The pain swells. It’s too hard for me to do this, but I must. “Clarence, what have you done to me?”
Clarence sighed. “It’s not my fault Clem. Besides you didn’t really lose me. You let me go. And one more thing, what about Mindy? What about Daniel? Don’t you care about them?”
I felt guilty. I’m too insensitive to forget Daniel when I’m with Clarence.
“And what if I still love you Clem? Will it change everything? It’s too late Clem. I don’t want to hurt Mindy. She is the one trying to make me love her and forget you. I tried to leave her many times but she did not let me go unlike what you did. You let me go that easy. She fights for me even though she felt I didn’t love her. And you know what hurts the most? It’s that I can’t love Mindy because I still love you! But every time we talked I felt you don’t really feel the same for me because you said it’ Daniel that you love. It’s too late Clem.”
Yes. Maybe it’s too late. I realized I’m too foolish to pursue what I feel for Clarence. It’s too painful. But I have to stop this.
“Clarence I—–“
Anything I have to say was lost when I felt his lips against mine. It was heaven. It was hell. I just let him whole- heartedly. Just this once. Forever is too much to ask.
My tears fell but I didn’t care. My emotions were too contradicting. I felt so happy to be in his arms once again, but a pain also exists on the fact that maybe after this, we’ll never be together again. We kissed like there was no tomorrow.
“I love you Clem.”
“I don’t want to hear the but Clarence. It might hurt.”
“Maybe, there will be a time for us.” He was hopeful as I am.
“Let’s see. Now take me home. Please.” I can’ take it anymore but this has to stop now. There is no easy way to end this because it’s too painful. It’s contradicting. It’s too much, yet too little. Too soon, yet too late.
“If we’re not really meant to be and we’re for someone else, looking back, I’ll still thank god because once in my life, we loved each other, just once. Forever is too much to ask.” I whispered.

Two years later…
Wearing white gown, walking through the aisle of this very sacred place, at a very sacred moment, holding a bunch of roses and baby’s breath, my face covered with a veil. No, I’m not going to have my first communion. I’m getting married.
I stiffened when I saw Clarence. My toes curled, my knees weakened, my heart throbbed, my world stopped. Oh, how I love this man!
Then I woke up.
Painfully, reality bites.

It was ma first day into ma new academic yr.
Being promoted 2 a new n a different class i was a bit nervous 2 find all new mortals sittng n walking 360 degree around me!
We had three lectures n were gifted wid a break 2 hang out our tiredness,me still nervous decide 2 atleast have a luk over d new faces of ma new classmates…
I started wid d boys row wen i first saw him!!!
Too charming n mst handsum guy i had ever seen in ma lyf was wat i thought wen i saw him!
I got stuck! az if ma eyes were refusing 2 move a budge!
dat waz d day i saw him first,den i had a wait for atleast 4 months 2 even talk 2 him!…
D first thing dat we talked abt waz our positions in d weekly test series of our college.
Agreed our frndship took too much time 2 begin but once it had strted we came closer n closer wid each rising sun…
N now v’r d best sweethearts after we’r happily married n confess of being d best n d perfect better halves of each other!

Love Story sent by Jazzmin

I was with his best friend when i meet him he move to the house of my bf cause its his 1st time in manila.

I always saw him in the friendster cause he is my school mate.

I love his bestfriend really but then suddenly i felt i am missing him every time his not around we always chat telling all the problem to each other and then one day me and his best friend broke up his already in the province that time he said he will continue his study there.
He heard the news and txt me then, he dont want to waste time and courted me he said he already felt love when he first saw me i answer him coz i know in my heart i love him.

After a week his bestfriend begging me to come back to him but its to late i fell pity to his best friend but its too late.
Today me and ron are the bestfriend of my ex going stronger even though im here in dubai i always love him no matter what and i know he felt the same way to me. after a month i hope he will be here by my side..

Love Story by sicrhose

07 Dec, 2009

hmm… yes i love him!

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we are classmates.when i first enter to college i was afraid about college life…even i did nt talk to boys also…….after 1-2 weeks our class is divided as 2 batch for practicles.we were in same batch.He used to talk with me in lab,and he helps me taking my observation notes….After dat we become friends..his friends and my friends become a small gang of 7 ppl…..At the first we were discuss about friends and family,and came 2 knw we are of same religion….Day by Day our friendship bcom strong….In vacations we miss each other a lot.We used to go college together.I was really impressed d day i was not in good moo, he came to me and said”you talks a lot …but i never disturbed…your silent disturbs me a lot..”…I never thought of loving him……I always refused my friends when they teasing us saying “no yar,we are just best friends” but really he is more than a bestfriend..he cares me a lot……hope he is not flirting with me…..He never proposed me but I can see love on his eyes when he talks to me…….My days going useless….and nights are sleepless……I juss love u sweetheart………

love story from SWEETY..

my classmate love

my classmate love

I met this lovely kokolet(beautiful girl) at one extra moral lesson which i attended when i was seeking for my admission into the higher institution.
I didn’t like at 1st sight cos of her intonation though she was and still intelligent.i started falling in love with her the 1st day she took me on a challenge,well to my greatest surprise she beat me and that brought about me and her chatting from that day onwards.
Our love grew day by day and loving her makes me the happiest guy on earth, being a kind of guy that haven’t fallen in love before it was so crazy of me and she loved me too.
We went on our 1st date it was awesome.
Lately our love grew up to an extent of wanting to marry her when am ready to. until i found out about her tradition it wouldn’t permit our marriage so am confused….

(love story by Hector)

It was a fine saturday afternoon and took a walk down the lane of the lover’s park. i met this guy, our eyes gazed into each other for some minutes. then my body felt cold. A sensational feeling hit my body and i felt love instantly. He might have felt the same too and came close to me,, he stretched his arms and held my hand.we gazed into each others eyes and d next minute we were kissing.we found love from then and now are happily together with a baby girl…

I met him on the internet. we became friends and later realised we were in love. we dated for some days but later i realised he wasnt caring for me as i cared for him. i was scared to loose him because he had stolen my heart. Then one day he said to me ” Vicky am sorry but i think am in love with another girl but we can continue if u still want us to” i was very sad but had no choice. i wanted his happiness so i decided to help him win his dream heart. After winning his dream girl he realised she wasnt what he wanted her to be. Her behavior and character wasnt his match, later he came back to me and apologized. I loved him dearly so i accepted him back and now he has paid my bride price and we are planning to get….

from: Victoria Konadu Hagan

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