Visitor Love Sms

My heart will alwyz b ur own room,n my armz will alwyz b ur bed n pillow.

(by tayiboo on 16/03/2010)

When your love troubles you so much that it becomes pain...the next stage seems to be of eternal bliss..where love no longer harms you as it gets deeper and deeper..and you come to terms with it by accepting that you love, you really love.

(by shivanis on 15/03/2010)

My ears want to hear your voice,my eyes want to have a glimpse of you...
My mind believes you to be the ultimate goal of my life..
My dreams, my reality, my life is filled with thoughts and memories of you...

(by shivanis on 14/03/2010)

Simple music can make u sing. A simple hug can make u feel better, simple things can make u happy hope my simple kiss will make u smile.

(by Hsafi on 13/03/2010)

Love can neva break me as long as u r mine.

(by Zukie on 12/03/2010)

Baby you are my world my soul mate and i am sorry for what i said the other day love you..

(by kenola on 11/03/2010)

You're a lake when dawn is aglow,
You're like a valley right after a snow.
You're like Christmas at home by a tree,

(by handeys on 10/03/2010)

Lord, grant that I may seek to comfort rather than be comforted; to love rather than be loved. (To friend around d world)

(by Casmir Nwakanma on 09/03/2010)

Hello love, your love is so interesting and also the best thing that have ever happened to me

(by mayokun on 08/03/2010)

If you could see, what i see, that you're the answer to my prayers
And if you could feel, the tenderness i feel
You would know, it would be clear, that angels brought me here...

(by yourAngie on 07/03/2010)

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