Visitor Love Sms

Swthat, luving has been d best tin dat has happen 2 me. U're my joy,my inesteem priceless diamond. I luv u. LOVE IS WHAT WE SHARE.

(by Evans on 05/04/2010)

Dont make me love you so much and fall so deep if u just messing with me...
I love you soooo much!

(by momo on 04/04/2010)

You mean the world to me. i love your surprises and you make me happy. you are soo loving shad.

(by juliet on 03/04/2010)

I love you with all my heart and you are my everything i just wanna say everyday thanks god I FOUND YOU BABY AND I KNOW IM SAVING MY LOVE FOR YOU TILL THE END MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU I LOVE YOU MAHAL KO

(by jessica regala on 02/04/2010)

My 1 heart, 5 litres of blood, millions of body cells, trillions of D.N.A s, say to you "WE LOVE YOU!" So what more can I say besides "I LOVE YOU"?

(by hamdan on 01/04/2010)

I know that you will be there
When the downs of life bring pain

To wipe away my silent tears

And to make me smile again

(by on 31/03/2010)

Wen u hold me i feel that i am the only woman. wen u kiss me i feel that i am on top of the world.

(by sweetie on 30/03/2010)

It goes in dry, it comes out wet,
the stronger its in the stronger it get,
we can have it in bed just u n me,
not what u think
- teabag

(by mahe on 29/03/2010)

Wen i first saw u,i saw luv.wen u touched me,i felt care.wen u kissed me,i felt life.blive it my jewel,u r d mst important in my life.

(by Foke on 28/03/2010)

Yu will remain in my hrt forever and i wil show you all the love that i have for you my darling and i wont let yu down eeee.....

(by martin on 27/03/2010)

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