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I love my life because it gave me you

I love you because you are my life

(by gaby on 15/05/2010)

In life love is neither planned nor does it happen 4 a reason but when the love is real it becomes ur plan 4 life and reason 4 living.

(by Francis ezenwa on 14/05/2010)

Today i learnt that GIVING is a PROVE that you love GOD; Where your TREASURE is there your HEART is. You have my HEART because you're MY TREASURE. I LOVE SO MUCH.

(by Oghenero on 13/05/2010)

Seasons may change and people may change but my heart always be longed to you.

(by kingsley ezenwa on 12/05/2010)

Love is life, we should live it!

(by Happy Innocent on 11/05/2010)

I will always love u till the ends of time. dont doubt my love for it is exclusively reserve for u.

(by Jonathan on 10/05/2010)

I just reading the book of science, it says Dat sugar is soluble in water. So do not get away in rain, I don't want to lose you.

(by goldy on 09/05/2010)

Pleasures of luv lasts a moment but pain of luv lasts a lifetime.

(by emmy portal on 08/05/2010)

In times to come, I will remember one good decision I eva made in life- to love u beyond the vow!

(by on 07/05/2010)

U show me luv,u teach me luv,u make me luv, and now am in luv..

(by Kike on 06/05/2010)

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