Visitor Love Sms

My love,nothing on earth will make me change the way i love cause u are everything a woman need on earth.U are loving,nice,handsome and above all kind.I love u nkem.

(by Solange on 05/05/2010)

Love is not in look but in 2 be in a fastest way,let us give a full focus on our loved ones.

(by Busayo on 04/05/2010)

I luv 4 not who u r but wat u r wen u r wit me

(by Dryl dragon on 03/05/2010)

I run out of words and ink to write and express what i feel for this real girl that made burn my heart. i love you...

(by arling amador on 02/05/2010)

I dont need xplain how much i luv a person..

it depends on him how he will appreciate da efforts and scrifices i did, 4 him to be CONTENTED..

(by sheina on 01/05/2010)

When you want someone who can never be your's,
it only gives you pain..
that's why, be careful in loving someone,
cause i don't want you to feel the same pain i
felt when i LOVED someone,
whom i thought was mine

(by sheina on 30/04/2010)

Babes,b4 u go 2 sleep don't 4get 2 say a prayer 2 the Lord above dat he will keep us near cos true luv is hard 2 find. So lets not waste no more tym , only GOD knows how much i really love you. To Nelisa Jojo

(by Papi on 29/04/2010)

I gave u my first love and i need u to take care of it.

(by doctor on 28/04/2010)

"LOVE" is a Small Coin
"LIFE" is a BIG Coin
"Wife" is a Lucky Coin
"Lover" is a Sweet Coin
Keep it safe it..!

(by more suhas on 27/04/2010)

U r my heart. heart beats 72 times per a minute but even if u r heart beat once per a minute u vl live bcoz my heart beats 71 times per a minute for you dear

(by saritha on 26/04/2010)

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