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The recipe of friendship: 1 cup of sharing.2 cups of caring.3 cups of forgiveness & hugs.
Mix all of these together to make friends 4ever.

(by sammie on 06/03/2010)

Ur smile make me high,that is y i love u wit my mind.

(by Kay on 05/03/2010)

Ill be with u wherever u go love u always u opened the doors of ma heart now its for u to walk through

(by marylyn on 04/03/2010)

Your love is like an ice cream to cool my heart...

(by james bawa{ghana} on 03/03/2010)

Der s alwayz a reason 4 evrthin
A reason 2 live
a reason 2 die
a reason 2 cry
but if u cant find
a reason to smile
can i b da reasn 4 yl

(by Naveen Kumar on 02/03/2010)

I hope an angel sits next 2 u 2 day & cover u with a gentle wing so that u walkwrapped in god's grace.

(by agrisha on 01/03/2010)

Told you once that no matter with whom or where, I will always love you and will always be here for you. I never thought how powerful those words were, but I guess I really meant them then and now I can't take them back..

(by justyourhoney on 28/02/2010)

I really mizz always praying that one day you come here and love me...

(by hunjay on 27/02/2010)

You are my world, my soulmate, my life, my love. I miss u so much!!

(by nina on 26/02/2010)

Missin you sooo much..
feeling soo lonely without you, U r my life, my love !!!!
Love You JaaN

(by your sweet on 25/02/2010)

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