If you will be mine in one day, at that day nothing will be important! i love you so much, i love you truly and i'll always love you babe!

(by martin on 01/10/2012)

I know it's just a first month anniversary, but it doesn’t really seem like a week, it really feels like we were together forever. love you!!

(by martin on 30/09/2012)

Looking at the beautiful glittering stars up in the skies they can never be compared to the ones i see in your eyes.. baby i love you, i adore you, i will always love you! this is just a beginning love sms, you'll see everyday from these babe!

(by sue on 29/09/2012)

You still make my heart skip a beat. like the song says - you're my right kind of wrong- .

(by ali on 28/09/2012)

I always think about you honey!

(by akulo jenifer on 27/09/2012)

I always hope that my true love for u wil make us live together..

(by david on 26/09/2012)

I love you

for the boost you give

so often without praise,

for all these things

(by marc on 25/09/2012)

If a hug represents how much i love you, i'd hold you in my arms forever.

(by yosemite on 23/09/2012)

You've overcome the greatest challenge in life: you know all my flaws, differences, and mistakes, yet still you love everything about me..

(by unknown on 21/09/2012)

Hundred words don't give pain

but, a true friend's silence hurts a lot

(by maria on 20/09/2012)

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