Visitor Love Sms

You are one of the best people I have ever met and I want everything for you. I love you and need you!

(by sophie on 04/02/2010)

I am Missing you so much my dear Love

(by heile on 03/02/2010)

The one, you know you’re my everything, I LOOOOOVE YOU so much

(by ahmedi on 02/02/2010)

I wish moon always be full and bright
you always be cool and right
whenever you go switch of the light
remember that

(by unknown on 01/02/2010)

I would like to thank you for a wonderful time and the last years we've spent together.
I am so happy that I've met you!

(by alex on 31/01/2010)

I've been hooking up with others to hide my feelings for you, because I doubt that you feel the same way about me. All I really want is to tell you how I feel, and for you to hold me in your arms

(by alicia on 30/01/2010)

You know how much i love you, and i appreciate all you you did to fight our love..

(by sarah on 29/01/2010)

You are wonderful and I am so happy that I've met you! Without you my life would be nothing.
I will always love you!

(by peter on 28/01/2010)

I will wait for you baby!!
i believe in our promise to love each other

(by giny on 27/01/2010)

You're close to my heart, I love you!

(by Gaone M on 26/01/2010)

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