Visitor Love Quotes

Every day i pray 4 d day will never part, cos each time u go away, u take a piece of my heart with u.

(by kishor on 16/03/2010)

God has sent you for me...
becoz whenever I give up waiting to hear from you..i get to hear from you in some form or another...our love is eternal and pure...It ll be there always...whether I am there or not....its the purest thing god has ever created...n you n me..we both are part of it..

(by shivanis on 15/03/2010)

O My Sweet Teddy Bear..I miss you more than ever...
I ll be waiting just for you...
To see you once, to show you my love and to tell you...that you are the one always on my mind...

(by shivanis on 14/03/2010)

Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you've given me!

(by maria on 13/03/2010)

Hi paula
i really want you to know,how dearly you changed my life,the thought of you invades my hearth.
i need to know .........ever since i saw you,my life has not been the same

(by tim on 12/03/2010)

One glance from you, O baby, really makes my day,

I wish I become your that you see me every...

(by shivanis143 on 11/03/2010)

I want to see you every second...
i want you here by my side...
iLuV u soOOoooooo mucH….

(by maria on 10/03/2010)

I was never tired of this life and its not gonna matter if I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall, you won't let me hit the ground.

(by messi on 09/03/2010)

It takes a minute 2 have a crash on someone, an hour 2 like someone & a day 2 luv someone but it takes a life time 2 forget someone u luv. I luv u Baby. (To uzo)

(by Casmir Nwakanma on 08/03/2010)

You became my life.,and i cant give up my life that easy... im going to have you back one day... and if that day comes i will make you happy for the rest of your life...

(by mark on 07/03/2010)

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