Visitor Love Quotes

Forget That You Met Me
Why can't I forget you?
Why can't I get you out of my head?
Why can't I stop crying?
Why do I feel dead?
When we were together
I felt so alive,
and now I don't even know
if I can survive.
I know you've moved on,
Because we haven't talked in a while,
but I won't let you see me cry
I'll just put on a fake smile.
Just answer me this,
did you really love me?

(by mashenge on 06/03/2010)

My luv for u cannot be changed the more i think of changing my mind the more i keep on loving you. that's to tell u how much i luv u.

(by bright on 05/03/2010)

Every night when i cast my mind on your gentle smile, ur gentle attitude, ur gracious gait, ur tender love on me & ur spruce dressing code, it makes me feel like i will never die.

(by iyke on 04/03/2010)

To Snorine,
You have such a special place in my heart, that even the Oceans, seas and deserts of on Earth cannot occupy... I love you sweetie

(by Wycliffe on 03/03/2010)

R, is for red ,red is for heart,heart is for love,love is for me n u coz reality is better than a dream

(by rukia on 02/03/2010)

Can I stay here in your inbox and i wait till Valentines night, So that I will 1st to great you and wish u happy valentines day

(by Mr. Rasel on 01/03/2010)

I always miss u :( and i cant live without u.. u r the air that i breath... And u'll always be in my heart!!!

(by zynci on 28/02/2010)

I have meet so many people but i still remember you, but one thing is for sure no matter how many years has pass i will never forget you

(by patricia on 27/02/2010)

No matter how many years has pass i will never forget you and my heart is always yours, no matter what happened you're still the one that i love Diane...

(by jeffrey on 26/02/2010)

If dreams weren't dreams and dreams come true,
I wouldn't be here I'd be with you

(by mark on 25/02/2010)

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