Visitor Love Quotes

A day without your love is a day without life.
life is all about something to love something to hope for and something to do

(by william on 15/04/2010)

We never understand the importance of our hearts until they aren't broken then we weep and cruel the one we once adored, we promise ourselves we will never love again but love is why we live and love is why we die.. Love is the blood of a rose. and we all must bleed.

(by lover boy on 14/04/2010)

Your love is safe in my heart,no one will take it away from me untill the day i die,love you dear.

(by Sticks on 13/04/2010)

I hide my tears when I say your name,
but the pain in my heart is stil the same.
Though I smile and seem carefree,
there's no one who misses you more than me!!

(by aneesh on 12/04/2010)

It's magic each time we hold each other, each time we cuddle, and each time we kiss.
I feel goosebumps all over again.
I never want to let you go for fear of losing you,
so I just hold on a little bit tighter each day,
refusing to let go. You will never know the warmth I feel inside me when I'm with you. You're all I ever wanted.

(by jenny on 11/04/2010)

Its a nice feeling when you know
that someone likes you,
someone thinks about you,

someone needs you;
but it feels much better when
you know that someone
never ever forgets you

(by scoone on 10/04/2010)

I know God chose me for you from amongst the rest coz He knows i'd love you best.

(by Hamda on 09/04/2010)

Oh ma God,it is u,
everywhere it is u,
yes d place ma eyes watch,
dat place is u!
This world is u,
dat world too is u,
frm dis earth 2 d skies,
d distance
itself is u!
ur everywhere,
everywhere its jus u,
within me its u,
its only U!

(by Jazzmin on 08/04/2010)

When love is your greatest weakness,

you will be the strongest person in the world

(by tunde on 07/04/2010)

My Dear Sweet,

My heart is just overflowing with joy this morning. I had the most wonderful time with you. I think that you are an AMAZING woman. Why? Your look warms my heart. Your touch makes it quiver. Being close to you fills my heart with contentment. Touching and caressing you, in completely innocent ways, comforts me and my heart. Feeling your gentle touch on my lips made me feel desired. Feeling you gently touch my face made me feel loved. Gently touching your face filled me with an ever increasing longing for you. Gently touching your lips filled me with an ever increasing passion for you. You have filled my heart with untold joy and happiness. That is why I think that you are AMAZING, because you make me feel AMAZING.

(by samuel on 06/04/2010)

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