You are more than a lover 2 me i love you so much without any complexities and i will always do and never leave you alone.

(by oluwakemi on 28/07/2012)

I'd give anything just so i can be with you and night i think of you,the time we spent together is something i cherish and value most...

(by unknown on 27/07/2012)

I just want to love you. forever and ever. i want to be there for you, care for you on times of need..

(by alice on 26/07/2012)

Every breath i take is meant for you,

i live this life surrounded in joy

and i bathe in the promise of your love,

my soul belongs to you.

(by unknown on 25/07/2012)

I can say that without any hesitations

i love you

you are the apple of my eye

(by kev on 24/07/2012)

I promise to love you with all my heart

i gave my heart to you

keep it and never broke it

i love you babe i've always loved you!

i know this is 1000th of love message but i just can't stop saying i love youuuuu!

(by maria on 23/07/2012)

I'd imagine angel eyes ,red lips , a godless smile and a girl that knows she is my only love. and i'd wish you an nice and lovely day filled with laughter babe! i love you so much and it is not enough how much i send you love message!

(by kevin on 22/07/2012)

My mind accelarates thoughts when am with you,so am hardly stuck thinking about you.

(by evans king on 21/07/2012)

Love you so much and thanks alot cause you changed my life you make me smile everyday... thanks cause you always make me strong and be happy

(by alexandra on 20/07/2012)

I can't stop blushing only when i realize how amazing you are, how caring and loving you are

(by kitty on 19/07/2012)

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