U know my heart belongs to you... i trust in everything you said... and i'm happy so much!

(by yasyas on 07/08/2012)

Your are my life, my only one, my only love, for ever i love you

(by yashie on 06/08/2012)

I miss you all the time even when we are together

i'm in love baby, come to me!

(by krisha on 05/08/2012)

Even a thousand years aren't enough to me to show you how much i love you

(by marie on 04/08/2012)

I miss the past, and all the people who were a part of it.

i miss the people who claimed to care about me, when deep down,

i knew as well as them, that they didn’t.

i miss the way things used to be.

(by hooney on 03/08/2012)

It's your smile, your face, your lips that i miss,

those sweet little eyes that stare at me

(by poly on 02/08/2012)

So many times i sit back and wonder why we had to break up, you are still a great part of my life and i'll hold you dearly for as long as i can't even live

(by nicholas on 01/08/2012)

I have forgotten the world in your love

my heart has no idea about anybody else

fill the feeling of love in your every part

(by okulai on 31/07/2012)

Ur love is super seductive. it's the magic code powering my feelings-! the absolute charm melting my heart with a lingering softness.

(by moses on 30/07/2012)

I will always be your african queen wheather you like it or not i will never leave you because my life would suck without you.

(by promise pearl sibuyi on 29/07/2012)

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