When i met u.. my dreams changes. now my only aim is to be with u...

(by jenni on 27/08/2012)

Hello my love how are you doing, hope by the grace of god you are doing great i just want you to trust me!

‘i trust you’ is a better compliment than ‘i love you’

because you may not always trust the person you love

but you can always love the person you trust.

(by adamu on 26/08/2012)

The times we shared are like shooting stars..

short but really beautiful moments...

(by annie on 25/08/2012)

There are 3 steps to happy happiness: 1 you. 2 me. 3 our hearts 4 eternity! love is like a butterfly. it goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes. you are always in my heart, here and everywhere, there is no one in the whole world that makes me feel this means sharing the games of life together

(by ums ans on 24/08/2012)

We gain and lose things every day. but trust me on one thing: you will never lose me!!

(by angela on 23/08/2012)

You are a gift wrapped in ribbons of thoughtfulness and trimmed with kisses and smiles

(by marie on 22/08/2012)

I dream about you and will be for a long time.. you are just that! someone whom i will love for the rest of my life.

(by unknown on 21/08/2012)

I belong to you... i love you ...

you smile and lean in for a kiss or cuddle up to me when you sleep...

you take my heart away

(by jasmin on 20/08/2012)

You are my boyfriend whom i will love for the rest of my life. you have grown a root deep in my heart and there’s not a weed killer tough enough to kill that.

(by sweett on 19/08/2012)

All my life i was always wondering what it would feel like to be in love.. and now, i know very well thanks to you sweetheart!

(by maria on 18/08/2012)

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