A flower is loved for its beauty,a bird for its melody,honey for its sweetness,a rainbow for its colors but what is in u is more than all.

(by ramsha on 27/06/2012)

Hurting lines from broken heart.

when i wanted to be alone u came and disturbed me...

when i finally decided that u r my life,u left me alone

(by noothan.a.m. on 26/06/2012)

As body can't do without cloth likewise i can't do without u baby.

(by john on 25/06/2012)

Why do we close our eyes everytime we kiss? evertime we cry?everytime we sleep? they say best things in life are unseen everytime i close my eyes i see you my love.

(by lovert junior on 24/06/2012)

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. to melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. to wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.

(by dharmylorlah helen on 23/06/2012)

There is only 3 things i love on earth, dus 1. the sun. 2. the moon. 3. you. the sun is for the day, the moon is for the night and you is for ever. you the still queen of my heart.

(by oteng bentil bernard on 22/06/2012)

Looking into your eyes i feel my body shake my knees get weak and i know that someday your beauty will see me crash down to one knee. until then please walk with me i truly want your company my heart is beating sos..

(by rosalez on 21/06/2012)

My heart is always with you,i don't forgot you and your action when i was with you and now,i am yours love is great mirror and you are the only parson that come to my heart anytime i think anytime i see it seems i have never see your love before i am happy to meet with you and thank you

(by daginet on 20/06/2012)

It is just like a dream wen we knw eachother,seein u restored back my hope and u confer ur love on me. babe i wil alway lov u.

(by samson on 19/06/2012)

A calabash cant sink the water onless something is in and that is love

(by ernest asante on 18/06/2012)

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