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24 Feb, 2010

I love his bestfriend for a long time

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I was with his best friend when i meet him he move to the house of my bf cause its his 1st time in manila.

I always saw him in the friendster cause he is my school mate.

I love his bestfriend really but then suddenly i felt i am missing him every time his not around we always chat telling all the problem to each other and then one day me and his best friend broke up his already in the province that time he said he will continue his study there.
He heard the news and txt me then, he dont want to waste time and courted me he said he already felt love when he first saw me i answer him coz i know in my heart i love him.

After a week his bestfriend begging me to come back to him but its to late i fell pity to his best friend but its too late.
Today me and ron are the bestfriend of my ex going stronger even though im here in dubai i always love him no matter what and i know he felt the same way to me. after a month i hope he will be here by my side..

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