Discovering Your Best Features

We all have imperfections, even those seemingly perfect movie stars that appear flawless on screen. Each and every woman has insecurities, but we also have some features about us that make us unique and beautiful. Focusing on specific features will draw positive attention towards them while at the same time keeping unwanted attention from lingering on our not so attractive features. Here we will discuss different ways to bring out your best assets while not going overboard:
  • Show off the ladies – Whether you are well endowed or not endowed enough, this can easily play to your advantage if you use the right clothing. For those of you with larger breasts it can be hard line to tip toe between sexy and overkill. With larger girls you will, first and foremost, need a proper bra. Never go braless, this can lead to disaster! Next, try and wear shirts with a lower neckline (don’t go too low that they’re falling out though!) and try and match it with a piece of jewelry. Jewelry will draw attention towards your chest and will keep you looking classy. Avoid making them look too large though, things that can accomplish this are tucking in your shirt and wearing horizontal striped articles of clothing.

    Things to do for smaller breasts

    For those with smaller breasts then there are multiple things you can do to not only make them look bigger, but also use your smaller breasts to your advantage! If you want to make them look larger, then grab a bit of darker makeup (I found that dark foundation works perfectly). Here we can create the illusion that you have larger breasts by putting some of this darker makeup between your breasts (where a normal crease would be if you had larger breasts). Make sure to put your bra on first and to not use shimmery makeup. Anything shimmery will look unnatural and you might get a few strange looks. Padded/pushup bras are a great help as well, but you can use your smaller chest to your advantage; a lot of ‘chic’ clothing looks great on people with a long, thin torso and you can relish in all of the clothing options available to you!
  • Show off your eyes – If you have a unique eye color, or beautiful large eyes, you can easily use these to your advantage. The eyes are rumored to be the ‘window to your soul’ so accentuating them is a must! Women who don’t have full, luscious lips often use their eyes as a way to draw more attention and intrigue to their face. When you want to draw more attention you need to use the proper amount of eye makeup without going overboard (we don’t want you looking like a clown!). Simply having your eye shadow, some mascara, and perhaps a bit of liner if you’re feeling frisky, should be more than enough.

    Picking right colors

    Try to pick out two or three coordinating colors that go with your eyes. Generally I use three colors in the same color scheme; light, medium, and dark shades. The darkest one I will put in the crease of my eye, the medium one on the actual lid, and the lightest one under my brow. This technique will make your eyes more intense and will ‘pop’. Use a little liner if you’d like and enhance your lashes with the mascara, then you’re done! With beautiful eyes accentuated with a bit of makeup you can confidently take on the rest of your day worry free!
  • Show off that butt – Some women may think that a large uh...rump is a bad thing but a lot of men love it! Accentuating that bodacious booty will definitely get some heads turning your way, but you don’t want to appear trashy while you do it! One of the best ways to bring more attention to the rear end is to wear a cropped jacket that stops just above it! Also, buying tailored clothing, while expensive, is well worth the cost. We all have jeans that just ‘fit right’ and make you feel great, what if you could have several pairs of those? Also, if you’re fond of wearing skirts, wear a-lined skirts with subtle stripes.
  • There are many other features that were not covered here, but those few are the main ones. The main point is for you to focus on what’s beautiful and attractive about your body and bring it out more. This will not only make you feel more confident, but others will notice your confidence as well.

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