Getting a serious relationship?

As with every relationship you wonder if this person is your soul mate and will it last forever. Unfortunately at one point or another we all go through a breakup and even though it’s hard time will eventually heal the wounds and you will move on. So you have been dating someone for quite some time and you are wondering if this is getting serious. How do you know if the relationship is getting serious?

There are a few things that usually occur when a relationship is moving to the next step. The first sign that you are getting serious is that you are calling each other just to check in or to see how the other person is doing. Do you think of your partner all of the time and catch yourself daydreaming about vacationing with them, marrying them or even having children with them? If so, these are all signs that you want the relationship to move forward and if your partner shares the same thoughts and feelings then more than likely the relationship is definitely getting serious.

Are you sure about your lovers feelings

If you are unsure about your partners feelings you should plan a romantic date and spend the alone time needed to discuss just how you feel. If you are ready to move onto the next step but are unsure about if the relationship is getting serious then just be upfront. However, keep in mind that some people both men and women are turned off by aggressive partners so keep that in mind when approaching the subject. If you are unsure about how your partner will react to this type of conversation there are other ways to see their outlook on the relationship.

Usually a person wants what they can’t have or find themselves even more attracted to those who seem to be playing hard to get. Schedule a few days out with the friends and spend less time with your partner to see how it feels for you both. If you find yourself constantly thinking of them and missing them you know you are definitely attached and there is more there than just an attraction. An emotional connection is just as important if not more important than any other type of physical connection.

The signs relationship is getting serious

More than likely if the relationship has reached a point where it’s starting to get serious you will catch yourself calling them just because it’s been a few hours since you last spoke or seen them. They will also do the same to you such as calling, text or emailing just to see how you are and that they miss you. These are all good signs that the relationship is definitely getting serious and that you are ready to move onto the next step.

However, if your partner doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that you are spending less time with them or if they often cancel dates to do other things they may not be the right person for you. It’s possible to get comfortable with the relationship enough that even if you aren’t completely happy you like having the comfort factor and don’t want to break it off just because of that. Regardless that is not a reason to stay in a relationship and if you are ready for a serious commitment keep moving until you find the right one for you.

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wendelyn navarro sent this on 19/04/2012, 22:12

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Gineesh sent this on 19/01/2012, 04:29

Love is full of unpredictable feelings.

jubril sent this on 11/01/2012, 07:33

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I really love these site it gives me a lot of inspiration, aspiration and a lot of confidence to meet a girl... thanks

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I realy love u

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