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24 Mar, 2010

He was too handsome and most charming guy I’ve ever seen

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It was ma first day into ma new academic yr.
Being promoted 2 a new n a different class i was a bit nervous 2 find all new mortals sittng n walking 360 degree around me!
We had three lectures n were gifted wid a break 2 hang out our tiredness,me still nervous decide 2 atleast have a luk over d new faces of ma new classmates…
I started wid d boys row wen i first saw him!!!
Too charming n mst handsum guy i had ever seen in ma lyf was wat i thought wen i saw him!
I got stuck! az if ma eyes were refusing 2 move a budge!
dat waz d day i saw him first,den i had a wait for atleast 4 months 2 even talk 2 him!…
D first thing dat we talked abt waz our positions in d weekly test series of our college.
Agreed our frndship took too much time 2 begin but once it had strted we came closer n closer wid each rising sun…
N now v’r d best sweethearts after we’r happily married n confess of being d best n d perfect better halves of each other!

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2 Responses to "He was too handsome and most charming guy I’ve ever seen"

1 | Kingsley

October 13th, 2010 at 3:47 pm


I choose to call u both “lovers of destiny’

2 | Brken_boy

November 10th, 2011 at 12:58 pm


If wat u have postd is true.. Then ur d mst luckiest gul..

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