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My eyes Miss U, My Feeling Love U, My hand Need U, My Mind Call U, My heart just 4 U. I will Die without U, Bcoz I Love U.

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(published on 10/10/2008)


prasun sent this on 22/10/2012, 22:43

Massage are join two heart..

rahul sent this on 18/08/2011, 04:51


how r u

i proud to my india

i proud to me burn in india

india is beautifully country

from rahul

Uday sent this on 11/04/2011, 05:51

So nice

India sent this on 01/12/2010, 09:18

I proud of my india.

I love my india.

From abhijeet dudhe.

Pooja sent this on 01/12/2010, 09:12


How are you.

From abhijeet.

John Kelvin sent this on 28/11/2010, 09:52

Another important thing to take in consideration for a romantic date is to leave room for mystery, too. Don't share with her every of your hobbies, dreams, thoughts and plans for future, you'll look like a nice guy but totally uninteresting, good to be "just friends", not her lover.

Kelvin sent this on 28/11/2010, 09:51

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

V sent this on 25/07/2010, 14:20


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