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I looked at a flower and thought it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen till I met you.

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(published on 07/09/2008)


Eryeza sent this on 29/03/2011, 11:49

I knocked on the heavenly gets. and when God opened, He asked what he could do for me. i asked Him to the reader of this sms. He smiled just as you are and granted you blessings

PHOENIX sent this on 22/02/2011, 04:02

Life has no hope for us in this world we keep wondering when we will have our happness or go past the rain and see the again.

benjamin sent this on 25/12/2010, 11:09

I want to be ur friend

Hossy sent this on 09/10/2010, 09:33

I do luv u

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