Having no communication with you for a while is like drinking coffee without sugar or should i say, my life is not complete when you are not beside me

(by alicia on 25/10/2012)

You are the girl of my dreams an the one i will love more everyday till the end of time. you are the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen, please love me back my dear!

(by jenss on 24/10/2012)

The first time i saw you i knew it was true i'd love you forever, you know why? because you are the one for me! the only one my love!

(by penny on 23/10/2012)

I love you for your tender kiss that warms me through and through.

i love you for your gentle hand, your understanding touch,

your eyes that always seem to say, "i love you very much."

(by julie on 22/10/2012)

The important question was not how much love we had in the beginning but how much love we have now. i love you endlessly. it'll never end, you know why? because your face is in my eyes and heart all the time!

(by gnadi on 21/10/2012)

Please don't count the love sms' i sent to you! i don't want you to think about all these stuff, because i'll never stop my love! i'll never stop!

(by kat on 20/10/2012)

Hugs are to pull two people together, but why is that you can never see the other person's expressions when it happens? cause some great moments are meant to be felt.

(by unknown on 19/10/2012)

If i had one wish i would give you a long and tender kiss and if i had two wishes then i would choose to do it over again.

(by maria on 18/10/2012)

Little keys can open big locks;

simple words can express great thoughts.

do you thing this simple love sms can express my thoughts?

i don't think so but this is all i can do right now! i love you!

(by ukinti on 17/10/2012)

You can close your eyes to things you do not want to see. but u cant close your heart to things you do not want to feel.

(by henry on 15/10/2012)

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