Visitor Love Quotes

There is this special felling which i feel and i know it is love. there is something in the core of your voice that i now hear your voice in every sound and i know it is love. i love you for life

(by wisdom on 30/06/2008)

Love it's just like a bubble gum when it stick on your heart, it so hard to remove...

(by jappy on 29/06/2008)

Rica,I love u su much.u r my really jane,my sweet wife&my sweet haert.I love u for ever&for ever

limon+rica 2001

(by limon on 27/06/2008)

U may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart.

U may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind.

I may mean nothing to u, but u'll always be special to me.

(by unknown on 26/06/2008)

I can feel u.....

u're far away,

but,i can feel u,

u exist in my every breath,

in every beat of my heart,adding a spectacular sizzle in all d right place.

(by Adegoke on 26/06/2008)

Amara just 4 u 2 know i care

(by amah on 24/06/2008)

If i cold be any part of u then i'd b ur tear. convicted in ur heart.born in ur eye.kiss on ur cheeks & die on ur lips...

(by bibek on 24/06/2008)

Luvin that 1 peng boii,,I love him bare I dnt now if he nwz but he is fun,,he has a laff wid yhew and feeling luv yhew bare bbe im shy 2 say hu if itz true luv yhew shud nw,,,=]


(by issra on 24/06/2008)

I know its hard some times to bear with me and it feels like its all falling apart but i pled with u not to give up... Dont give up on us,dont give up on our love,dont give up on our future together because i love u and all i ask is that u stand with me.

(by St thomas on 22/06/2008)

I love the way u make me feel,it tells me that the love is real,from the look in ur eyes,too the kiss on my lips, it give me shivers from those lips to my finger tips.I LOVE EVERY THING U ARE TO ME.

(by Thomas on 20/06/2008)

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