Visitor Love Quotes

Dear lover dont vari about the love failure, love failure is the step to success, fist love failure is makes you perfect

(by padma on 19/07/2008)


I can't do anything

Loneliness leads me missing

Only thinking of you

Venus,please help me

Every night I dream of you

You are my world

Only thing I want most is


(by Htoo Mg Win on 18/07/2008)

We can love someone and just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot last forever. Its is not about having someone.... Click for continue

(by Ronnie_Kat on 18/07/2008)

If we met one day earlier, it would be one more day of being in love, and one day further away from the day we never met.

(by sally on 17/07/2008)

We can't express love in words...its very great feeling..i am njoying that great feeling with my are so chweet you bangaramm

(by latha on 17/07/2008)

I don't want you to shine,

cos' I'm minus man and blind.

I never expect from you the kind,

but I always want it and try.

I really insane for you and almost die,

though I never change my mind.

(by Htoo Mg Win on 17/07/2008)

A love denied only grows stronger.

(by Flo on 16/07/2008)

Love can not be defined, but it is easily demonstrated.

(by Hareesh Raju on 16/07/2008)

Illness of mind

Moon less shine

Is the night so long?

Stars can't smile

Sky says sad

Yes,the sick so hard

Only one medicine is


(by Htoo Mg Win on 16/07/2008)

I looked at a flower and thought it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen till I met you.

(by Sameh on 15/07/2008)

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