Visitor Love Quotes

I have something stupid and ridiculous to tell you. I am foolishly writing to you instead of having told you this, I do not know why. I love you for 2 years and I am dying here!!!

(by marissa on 16/12/2009)

I miss u so much when u arent around.. And you know how much i wish to keep looking at u all the time..

(by janette on 15/12/2009)

One thing about loving you is that its more than a saying or feeling.
Its fighting with no complaints.
Its happiness without work.
I love youuu!

(by samantha on 14/12/2009)

There are 12 months a year…30 days a month.. 7 days a week.. 24 hours a day…60 minutes an hour.. but only one like you in a lifetime

love girl

(by michelle on 13/12/2009)

I love u more than anyone else can love anyone in this world.. Let me dedicate all the words on earth to u, My beautiful love

(by henry on 12/12/2009)

My life for you, my heart for you my feeling for you i love you

(by janis on 11/12/2009)

Today i wanted to let you know that i was thinking of our relationship and how much joy it has brought me. I may not tell you each day that passes how much i still love you, how much i am still IN love with you.

(by janette on 10/12/2009)

To the one i love... i would like to be a tear born in ur eyes, alive passing your cheeks and dieing on ur lips.

(by eric on 09/12/2009)

When u hold me tight i cant express it and when u touched my lips with yours that moment is engraved in my heart i love u too much

(by eric on 08/12/2009)

I may not always put in words
But you know what i wanted to say
Ur relationship means alot to me
I love you my sweetheart

(by george on 07/12/2009)

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