Visitor Love Quotes

You will always and forever remain in my heart..
I will wait for you even if it would mean forever..

(by serap on 26/12/2009)

Maybe ill just dream of you tonight, and if into my dream you come and touch me once again, ill just keep on dreaming, till my heartaches end

(by sweet dream on 25/12/2009)

You, only you, is what I need
I count the hours until my love is freed
Until soon, when we meet again
Your heart is where I am

(by jen on 24/12/2009)

Waking up in the mornings and watching you sleep so peacefully...
Trying to see who's a bigger flirt... You are my only one sweety

(by your handsome. on 23/12/2009)

Words cant describe how much i love you, thanks for the things you taught me, sorry for the things i did that hurt you

(by nabildaud on 22/12/2009)

The more we argue, the more i love you
The more u hurt me, the more i want you
The further away you are, the more i think about you
The closer you are, the more i miss you

(by semih on 21/12/2009)

I will always love you even though you broke my heart... Baby you're my soulmate and always will be..

(by jenny on 20/12/2009)

After so many years, I love you more today than the day I fell in love with you. The world could use more guys like you

(by sandra on 19/12/2009)

I love you so much. I don't want to lose you. I love more than you love me. You are the living proof why I know God is good...

(by aysha on 18/12/2009)

I'm happy because you love me. You gave a reason to hope, to love, to cry, to cry and reason to believe in forever.

(by aysha on 17/12/2009)

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