Love all but make love to one,let all love you but love only one,give cheek to all but lips to one,miss all but cherish one and let that one be u so much

(by Tyndale on 09/08/2008)

When ever you feel like crying pls call me, i'm not promising to stop you, but i'm willing to cry with you

(by Lord cauley on 08/08/2008)

Don't wait until it's too late to tell,

someone how much you love,

how much you care,

Because when they're gone,

no matter how loud you shout and cry,

they won't hear you anymore.

(by JENNY on 07/08/2008)

My love 4 u can't be expressed, measured nor be weight....

to my love kevin

(by naaz on 06/08/2008)

Love is patient and is kind love is not boastful love bears all thinks hope all things believe all things,love never fail.

(by RAKIB on 05/08/2008)

"Its amazing how we met,

its sweet how we get to know each other

its funny how we fell in love

unbelievable but its true

now that ILOVE YOU

its hard for me to let you go"

(by threzdesiete on 04/08/2008)

The night,filled with rain drops,

the droplets make me sad,

the sadness leads to tears,

the tears can't carry the pain away,

the pain is still in my heart,

the heart wants to say something,

this something may be a sentence,

this sentence have few words,

these words are I,love and you.

(by Htoo Mg Win on 03/08/2008)

Sometyms ago i thought it was'nt my destiny 2 fall in luv but u made me knw wht luv is.U ARE MY SUNSHINE,with u,with u,with u....

(by Ayo Ogunsuyi on 02/08/2008)

How much i miss u? if you thought i forgot u u were so wrong ever second gets slower without you

(by leo on 01/08/2008)

If i reached for your hand , will u hold it ?

If i hold out my arms, will u hug me ?

If i go for your lips, will u kiss me ?

If i capture ur heart , will u love me ??

(by Pappupilla on 31/07/2008)

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