Making a million friend is not a miracle the miracle is to make a friend who'll stand by you when million are against you. Yemisi thanks for being there for me all this while. I promise to love you the more. To ALEBIOSU YEMISI.

(by Dairo gbenga on 08/09/2008)

The color of love for me is red and white. Red for the emotions that the people feel for each other and white for the purity and the honesty of your feelings to each other.

(by prettysue on 07/09/2008)

Honey, i just want to tell u dat, No one will ever take ur place becoz i love u. If only my heart can be opened, u will know how deep my love 4u is. If only my mind can be read, u will see how crazy i'm 4ur love. I can't explain how my life will be without u. D gentle smile on ur face make my heart grows fonder. My life can never be complete without u. I just want to say i love u "mariam". Ur beauty always brings smile to my face. Becoz No one like u.

(by Opeyemi "ABD" on 06/09/2008)

Rain and sunshine do not always come together. Night and day never coincide. But you and i, whatever they say, is for me the perfect match.

When i dream, i dream of you.... may be one day, dreams will come true

(by tom on 05/09/2008)

My heart throubs at d slightest thought of u, u're a special nd unique person. U bring joy, happiness nd meaying to my life.... I'll always love you!

(by Richard Olalere on 04/09/2008)

To my 2 heroes

u have been there 4 me every time i needed sum1 to cry over, laugh with, talk to, smile with

u have always given me so much happiness dat i cant without my heroes i love u so much fAnAa N mIrRu

(by Faas on 03/09/2008)

I have gone many places, seen many faces,they can't replace you coz you are a blessing,you driving me crazy coz u're my baby,the highest,the brightest

No one like you!

(by George on 02/09/2008)

LOVE your smile i never thought i'd fall inlove but i fell in love with u, i never thought dat luv was so sweet, so true,so soft and so kind but u made me believe dat.I luv u 4 da things u do u make my life worth while poor, iluv da way u kiss me, da way u look at me,but most of all your kind words honey they make me crazy. LUV U ALWYZ

(by yonela on 01/09/2008)

Each and every day when i go to sleep i always cry silence praying that you must love as much as i love u.

(by Roosevelt matse on 31/08/2008)

Have invested to see u in season nd out of season.

Whether its sunning or raining,

i wish u could be there as ...







U re my all..Aramide

(by Olusegun Adewumi on 30/08/2008)

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