Tonight when you look up at the stars, try and count them all. i miss you that much. when you go to the beach, try to count every grain of sand. i trust you that much...

(by marci on 17/11/2012)

I can't say i love you to you anymore my sweet darling, because those three words aren't enough to describe my love for you. not enough anymore!

(by marci on 16/11/2012)

You are the stars shining down on me, you are everything i had hoped you would be. you are the arms wrapped around a hug, you are the pull when i need a little tug. you are everything to me! love you babe, love you

(by rebecca on 14/11/2012)

If i could tell you now, how i felt then, to say the words i love you, and mean them once again. realizing you are there, standing right behind, only knowing, you're not so far behind.

all i can say to you now, i love you, i adore you. always!

(by jes on 13/11/2012)

Don't ever hold my hand if you are going to let it go. don't ever say, 'i love you,' if you are going to leave me alone.. because i will never and ever...

(by erica on 12/11/2012)

If i could tell you how much i love you in just one word, i wouldn't be loving you enough...

(by yun on 11/11/2012)

I will love the sun for it warms my soul. i will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit. i will love the light, for it shows me the way.

(by macey on 10/11/2012)

I am so happy to find you, and now i am with you, i will be with you forever and ever "christina"

(by george william on 09/11/2012)

Love is not about who loves most, who comes first, who stays the most, love is about the one who comes and never leaves. our love is just like this, please don't forget and don't lose this amazing chance.

(by marta on 08/11/2012)

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. you can't go anywhere unless you change it. i've never seen a bad attitude from you, that's why i love you babe!

(by marc on 07/11/2012)

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