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They say sugar is sweet and honey is 2 but baby wat do i call u? u r sexier dan sexy and hotter dan dat there is only one name 4 u and that is 2 gud 2 b true

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(sent by unknown on 07/07/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 10/07/2011, 10:10

I may not be ur important person always but im knowing the only thing i love you.i need never ever knowing the thing i have care you.

kun kun kun sent this on 10/07/2011, 07:31

What im was mistake even we make a just explain my wishes thats the time even im misunderstood...if ur not for me means no one in the world is for heart is speaking with you...our kisses make me cry sometimes.i cannot live without you...i love you so you still love me??.....

kun kun kun sent this on 09/07/2011, 06:15

Im still loving you i cannot live without you i have forgive your hurt infront of the you like to marry me???i need an answer...i cannot live without you.....i need an answer....u love me???

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