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Yet so close...

i can feel you in my heart,

i can see you in my mind,

i can hear you in my ears.

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(sent by mary on 02/06/2011)


Zacks sent this on 05/06/2011, 18:25

Im always loving you my luv

kun kun kun sent this on 04/06/2011, 09:17

I cannot live without her

i need her arms:{

i need her hands for the holding:{

i need her i want to cry with her:{

she is my life:{

im unknowingly mistake with her:{

i love her so much with now im wnt like to touch her

i want like to hold her:{

im unknowingly mistake with her:{:{:{;{

i love her more than any words:{

:{ she is my beautiful parrot we are love birds :{:{:{:{:{:{

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