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If you are a flower i will plant you in my heart water you with my blood and cover you with body,

lets meet at the bottom i love you from the bottom of my heart

you are the cream in my coffee

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(sent by muhammed on 27/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 30/05/2011, 02:55

According to me love is like my heatbeat increase with my making mistakes because of my is like a my breathing.

kun kun kun sent this on 30/05/2011, 02:15

I love you so much i cannot getway from u everyseconds of my wil take care of you like my eye...i cannot getaway from the everyseconds of my life...i want tighttly hold ur hands:{ icannot getaway from you...i need u da:{ i love u so much i dont what to do im sory da...i cannot get away from you:{:{:{

tp touchable thapelo sent this on 29/05/2011, 13:26

Love doesn\\'t ask y it speaks from the is a losing game.where u play at ur own risk.dat is love

teddy sent this on 28/05/2011, 08:03

Baby i dont know if im not u r living or not i dont know but if ur not i really cannot live without you

kun kun kun sent this on 28/05/2011, 06:50

U was told me here i love u forever.i love u till i die...u really not wish about me u was trying to save my life. thank you

jamaal schweinsteiger sent this on 28/05/2011, 04:31

I love you my babby

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