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You make heart beat possible cause you live in their

you make make angel flying possible because you are the wings

you make our pray possible cause you are blessed

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(sent by sanna on 24/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 25/05/2011, 09:42

Yesterday im reading this ur msg i have understand half..but today im fully understand ur msg.thats y im 2nd time commented here...i want live with u my whole life..i cant get away from u...everysecond im missing u :( lonely crying in this world da:(.i have blessed that is my hope da i love u so much da im take care of u like my eye.i love u.

kun kun kun sent this on 25/05/2011, 05:58

Yeah i love u..i want like to living together with u...u should know u r my love u r my life..i wil care for u like my is a special desire and special understanding between two hearts...i love u.i want to live with u or i cannot live without u.

kun kun kun sent this on 24/05/2011, 11:20

I love u till the end of my life..u r like a child for wil take care of u like my eye..i need pray for we both living together.i cannot live without u.i love u..i need u thats the truth...i love u i love wil take care u like my eye.......good sweet dreams with me...we both head together night kisses warms the hearts i love u....

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