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Is it food? i'm hungry of ur luv more dan food, or water? i'm thirsty of ur luv more dan water, bt companion? u're d best companion ever dat makes living mst meaningful to my existence

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(sent by adeyemi on 20/05/2011)


kun kun kun sent this on 21/05/2011, 10:42

Just kill me.i cannot get away from u.i love u so much pls balance my feelings:{..

kun kun kun sent this on 21/05/2011, 03:03

I know u were loving me.i was see ur love about me...but thats the time i cant get away from u.becos im was also true to u buy the love and give the love in to the nearest love shop.i was i want like to my wishes im living with u.but i cant..i can hear something im mistaken.:)

Afolayan oluwapelumi sent this on 20/05/2011, 19:10

Luv is beautiful wit true luv, it make u trust 1 and other.

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