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You came into my life and made it better. now i have a reason to live and that reason is because i love you

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(sent by k.k on 15/03/2011)


aimz O sent this on 18/06/2011, 10:22

I havnt known you that long, and i dont know if i will for much longer but in the short time i have you have proved to me that i am beautiful and i deserve the best. You have proved to me that there are people out there who share common interests and want the same things in the future. For this i will always be grateful to you. I just wish the person i was to spend my life with was you cause you seem my perfect match but why do you have to be so far away. xxxxxxxxxx

Ola Rauf Atata sent this on 16/03/2011, 23:22

I dont know why it took me so long 2say: I love u.

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